Scammon’s former principal, Mary Weaver.


Scammon’s former principal, Mary Weaver and Mayor Rahm.

A year ago, CPS was defending Scammon Elementary School Principal Mary Weaver against charges she had targeted and fired teachers for being pregnant.

From 2009 to at least 2012, Weaver took actions to oust eight teachers who became pregnant or returned to work after their pregnancies.

CPS lawyers, responding to a federal discrimination lawsuit said Weaver was just acting “consistent with business necessity.”

Several weeks ago the feds came back with a ruling that CPS had indeed been discriminatory towards pregnant teachers at Scammon.

Weaver subjected pregnant teachers “to disparate treatment with regard to performance evaluation ratings” and other matters, and “there existed a regular, purposeful, and less-favorable treatment of teachers because of their sex (pregnancies),” according to the December 2014 lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago.

CPS was ordered to pay $280,000 in damages and back pay.

Yesterday, Weaver was removed from her position as the Principal at Scammon and was reassigned within CPS.

CPS refuses to say where Weaver is working or what she is doing.

Teachers at Scammon say there are still a number of unresolved disciplinary actions against teachers initiated by Weaver.

The CTU is actively engaged in defending Scammon teachers.

CTU President Karen Lewis commented to this blog, “If there was real justice in the world, Mary Weaver and not the taxpayers would foot the bill. How about merit pay incentive for principals? If you have no grievances filed against you, you get a bonus. If you incentivise positive climate change in your building instead of rewarding test scores, you’d be surprised at how they’ll soar.”

3 thoughts on “Scammon’s former principal, Mary Weaver.

  1. It’s good that Ms. Weaver has been removed from Scammon but as noted here there are yet unresolved disciplinary and evaluation issues to be resolved to vindicate the victims. Wonder why these pregnant teachers were targeted in the first place. Perhaps there’s some personal animosity. This so called reassignment is suspicious and could be a cover for a promotion to a venue of “fresh meat” within CPS or the Rahm administration. Just a Thought.

  2. Why isn’t she fired? There must be some law on the books requiring her dismissal following a federal crime.
    Oh that’s right. CPS is lawless.

  3. So … I wonder … as long as they’re in town for CPD investigation anyway – will this blatant violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act warrant a DOJ civil rights investigation of CPS?
    Let’s see …. firing teachers because they’re pregnant … closing neighborhood schools, but only in black and brown neighborhoods … deploying gestapo tactics to strong-arm and silence commenters at “public” school board meetings … dog-and-pony show school-closing community meetings funded and run by Walmart …

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