Looking back over 2015.

Some posts from the past year:

Before the Illinois Supreme Court ruled in our favor, I started 2015 out by saying if we want to win our pensions we must also fight for peace and justice.

The IEA might lose 600 adjunct members from Columbia College. And they did.

I was an early supporter of the Progressive Caucus in the Chicago City Council. And I still am.


With Bruce Rauner pushing Right to Work, my friend Lee Tally explained why unions were important.

2015 would be the last year I would be a delegate to an IEA or NEA Representative Assembly. The IEA was helpful for bargaining a contract, but they are not standing up for retirees.

I shaved my beard and kept my moustache for Chuy. That raised $500 for the Chuy campaign, half coming from CTU President Karen Lewis.


There was a lot going on out in Hinsdale with the crazy Tea Party members of the board of education.

With school corruption occurring at the highest levels, in Atlanta it was African American teachers who went to jail.


Rallying for Sue Garza in the fighting Tenth Ward. Photo: Fred Klonsky

We were told we would get the emails between Michael Sacks and Rahm within 77 hours. We are still waiting.


Bruce Rauner cut funding for Autism services on Autism Awareness Day.

The IEA would not support parental rights to opt-out of high stakes testing no matter what.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett and the $20 million no-bid contract.

CPS is a toxic work environment for African Americans.


We almost beat Christian Mitchell for State Representative. Bet on Jay Travis to do it next time.

CPS Principal Troy LaRaviere spoke out.

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Baltimore.

CPS is broke on purpose.


We told you so. The Illinois Supreme Court was unanimous on pension theft.

…there is simply no way that the annuity reduction provisions in Public Act 98-599 can be reconciled with the rights and protections established by the people of Illinois when they ratified the Illinois Constitution of 1970 and its pension protection clause. Those provisions contravene the clear requirements of article XIII, section 5, as set forth in the provision’s plain and unambiguous language and construed by the legion of cases we have just discussed. In enacting the provisions, the General Assembly overstepped the scope of its legislative power. This court is therefore obligated to declare those provisions invalid.


Didn’t the Chicago Tribune support Mussolini last time?

A Chicago community fights for its park.

Glen Brown goes to the state union convention.

I keep saying it: CPS needs an elected school board.


I am an early adopter. Troy LaRaviere for mayor.

City parks and Black Lives Matter.


The Church in Charleston.

We forced a difficult conversation about racism at the NEA Representative Assembly.

My article on the NEA RA and the Confederate flag debate for In These Times.

Gina HarKirat Harris: “We’re swimming in a sea of racism.”

The court says the union can’t bargain away my pension rights.

Retired teachers don’t scab.


Photo: Fred Klonsky

David Coleman told our kids: “Nobody gives a shit what you think.”

IEA Communications Director Charlie McBarron stole my work.

Forrrest Claypool painted his office.

The weird fantasies of some Chicago journalists.


Sandra Deines on edTPA: Pearson is the gate-keeper for teacher certification in Illinois.

The Chicago Trib’s Eric Zorn accused #FightForDyett of taking hostages.


John Dillon: Bless your stars if you have not fallen under an unexpected illness.

Teachers went on strike in Prospect Heights.

I did an interview with Milwaukee school board member Larry Miller about the lessons of Wisconsin.


Chicago’s new Archbishop Cupich.

I didn’t like the NEA’s early no-strings of Hillary endorsement.

Mayor Rahm’s tax bombed the working families of Chicago.

The unions and Friedrichs.

Teachers strike in McHenry.

Bev Johns: Pay for Success pays a bounty to Wall Street for not providing special education services.

Remembering Leon Bellin.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s plea agreement.


EdWeek’s Stephen Sawchuck was embarrassed by the Confederate flag debate.

They killed Laquan McDonald.  Then they tried to kill the story.

“Yikes!” said Peter Cunningham.

Chicago PD answered a domestic disturbance call with guns blazing.

Rahm’s favorite: Scammon’s Principal Mary Weaver.


Our Jedi Warrior.

9 Replies to “Looking back over 2015.”

  1. Best line of the year was Jitu Brown’s “You are not better than us, you are not smarter than us, and you do not love these children more than we do.” That’s the resistance to so-called “reform” in a nutshell. If the powers that be could understand and accept that, we’d have very little further argument. Unfortunately, understanding and accepting that is not profitable and doesn’t do anything for their enormous egos.

  2. Some more online research revealed this eye-opening piece about a certain shady CPS bureaucrat driving this shameful episode in silencing student journalists at Steinmetz High because one of their stories makes CPS look bad:

    Considering BBB’s documented (soon to be convicted) history of corruption, shouldn’t all high-level appointments that took place during her tenure be closely scrutinized for conflicts of interest and/or incompetence?

  3. Since vulture capitalist Mark Glennon is still blocking my comments on his blog, I would like to thank Fred Klonsky for the opportunity to respond here.

    On the bankruptcy of the Chicago Public Schools:

    1. Mark Glennon is a big fraud. He mentioned to me that he’s “proud” of the work he does as a “venture capitalist.” That sets “pride” on a low bar. He actually did you a favor by shutting you out. Glennon isn’t worth anyone’s precious time. With the exception of a few who occasionally take issue with his views, I have the impression that his blog is largely a mutual exchange of ignorance.


      1. Mark Glennon is devoting considerable time and effort to his blog. He is trying to develop a strong base of followers. Although Glennon is not worth anyone’s precious time, attempting to undermine his base of support is worth the occasional foray.

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