Random thoughts. A movement.


Happy new year.

I have many wishes for 2016. One of them of them is that we no longer will have discussions about which weapon is best for the police to shoot people with.

The buzzards are circling the Mayor.

Even Arne Duncan has come to town to make a campaign speech on his last day as Secretary of Education.

Yesterday Greg Hinz offered his list of replacements for the Mayor in Crain’s.

I talked with a veteran Democratic politician the other day who went down his list of possible mayoral replacements.

They included aldermen like Roderick Sawyer and Scott Waguespack.

Maybe Chuy will make another run. He has not disappeared from public view as many losing candidates do.

All this political maneuvering is interesting. Yet, keep your eyes on the streets.

We will learn a lot from what happens in March.

Can we turn State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez out and elect Kim Foxx?

Will the young folks who have led our marches up Michigan Avenue continue to hold the city’s attention to the fact that Black Lives Matter?

Will 2016 be like 2012, when the people of Chicago sided with the teachers over the Mayor.

In 1969, then State’s Attorney Edward Hanrahan led a raid on the west side home of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton. Fred Hampton and Mark Clark were murdered in the raid.

The outrage of progressive white, Latino and particularly African American voters turned Hanrahan out of office two years later.

2 Replies to “Random thoughts. A movement.”

  1. Fred to you and all on your site Happy New Year and may the teachers finally get the respect due them
    Funny how the standard New Years wish was “peace on earth”
    We can’t even get that in an American City as Chicago !

  2. Hey Fred, Happy 2016! It looks like 2016 is going to be one of the more interesting years in D64. As you know, PREA’s negotiating committee is beginning conversations with the BOE regarding our new contract. The superintent stated at our opening meeting in August that we will have a contract in place before the 2015-2016 school year ends. Rumor has it that she doesn’t want to have a strike on her record. However, a big percentage of the membership don’t believe it. Our current president spoke in much more guarded terms.

    The big news is that the custodians and the secretaries in D64 banded together and voted to become members of a union. They have been put on a “merit” pay system, which caps a raise at 2% for excellent. Most members of this group receive a rating of proficient, which means they get a 1% raise. The custodians who have been with the district for many years are being watched like hawks. Their head custodians are taking pictures of their work and passing them along to the principals. One long time custodian was recently fired for leaving a door unlocked overnight. No one came in and nothing was stolen or damaged. In the past the custodian would have been given a warning.

    The secretaries and custodians delivered the union declaration to D64 on Dec. 18. They were told that their membership won’t be recognized.

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