4 Replies to “Don’t worry. Nothing is happening in Oregon.”

  1. I guess what I am saying is profile the greatest source of terror. If this was an African American family needing help with a mental health issue it would be over…

  2. If any Americans deserve the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, it would be the Northern Paiutes and any other Native Americans who were actually abused and had land stolen from them. Ammon Bundy is a freeloading traitor who thinks he’s more important than the millions of other Americans who disagree with him. Would it be okay for me to let wild wolves free and build a hiking trail through his buddies’ privately owned ranch land?

  3. Interesting that “malheur” is the French word for “misfortune.” It’s also used in German to mean “trouble,” “bad luck” or mishap. I’m not sure whether that applies merely to the existence of the western grifter clan that owes the Federal government, in effect, all of us, a million bucks in grazing fees; or the greater misfortune of all Americans by having a bunch like that ravage what is left of our natural heritage without any consequences?

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