Sunday posts, pics and tweets.


Kim Foxx for State’s Attorney. Anita Alvarez must go.

Education is not a business and I am not a product. I am a human being, with hopes and dreams and the willingness to work hard for that. My friends and I deserve more than our education is providing to us today.





Bosses of CBS Radio all-news WBBM AM 780/WCFS FM 105.9 say they’re reevaluating their station’s affiliation with Illinois Radio Network now that it’s been sold to the Illinois Policy Institute, a non-profit conservative think tank. John Tillman, CEO of the Chicago-based institute, announced the acquisition of IRN from Saga Communications, effective Thursday. Terms were not disclosed. WBBM Newsradio was the largest station airing the network’s reports from Springfield. The new owners say they’ll merge IRN with their Illinois News Network. “INN will continue to pursue independent news representing the taxpayer’s voice according to the highest journalism standards,” executive editorScott Reeder said in a statement. But some critics expressed concerns the group has “a very definite ideological agenda.” Robert Feder



A (Congressman Luis) Gutierrez aide emailed a clip of the interview to mayoral staffers. “He spoke personally with MRE about message this afternoon,” the congressional aide noted.

“They spoke for about 15 minutes,” replied Emanuel aide Adolfo Hernandez. “Good call and MRE was fine after.”




5 Replies to “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.”

  1. Fred,

    As we start a new year, let me once again thank you for your time and efforts in providing such a .a valuable blog. Your efforts in keeping us informed of political actions that can impact our daily lives are very much appreciated. Also, I appreciate your creativity. Your sketches and satire are wonderful

    Wishing you and your family the very best in the coming year.

    Earl Shumaker

  2. Here’s a nice piece from the New Yorker reminding us of the accolades accumulated by our illustrious Mayor. So he was part of the thinking behind the launching of NAFTA. I know a couple of Florida orange growers who were hurt badly by the passing of NAFTA. Those guys would love to have him in a room alone for 15 minutes so that they could personally thank him for the changes Rahm helped to make in their one-time successful business.

  3. Rahm, among his other crap, is the mayor of deception, while Bruce, among his other crap, is the governor of extortion. What a pair of sociopaths!!! Is the clock ticking in anticipation of when both of these birds from hell will meet their deserved political fates of being driven from office before they do anymore damage? My God, these two are insufferable!!!

    There are others in power in the State of Illinois who deserve the same political fate. I chose to focus on these two because, arguably, they are in more powerful positions and their potential for wider damage is greater than any of the others.

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