CPS corruption in high and low places. Bruce Rauner and the Three Stooges.

In the fall of 2008, Bruce Rauner changed his voting residence from Winnetka, where his wife continued to live, to a condominium on East Randolph Street.

Because billionaire Bruce Rauner could afford buy a condo in the city, it provided him with the right to send his daughter to a CPS school. But not just any school. Living in Winnetka she could have gone to New Trier. He liked selective admission Walter Payton better. If Bruce Rauner likes something, he thinks he is entitled to buy it.

Like the state of Illinois, for example.

Never mind that Miss Rauner’s test scores and academic record  weren’t good enough to get her into Payton.

Her application was denied.  So Bruce called his pal, CPS boss (at the time) Arne Duncan. A Duncan aide called the Payton principal, and Rauner’s kid was admitted. She later graduated from Payton.

According to a just-released report from CPS Inspector General Nicholas Schuler, Governor Rauner set a fine example.

Inspector General Nicholas Schuler’s office found numerous instances of suburban families using fake addresses to get their children into the city’s best high schools. And families in the city were found to have provided false addresses to give their kids a leg up in an admissions process that takes into consideration a student’s socioeconomic background.

Apparently some white families on the north side were claiming to live in Englewood.

Unlike the Governor, not all of the suburbanites could buy a condo and call up the CEO and clout their kid into a selective admission slot.

The report also contains some genuinely disturbing information.

Officials including the principal of a high school conspired to bar 15 eligible special-needs students from the school’s fine arts program. The principal told a colleague to lower the scores of the 15 students so they wouldn’t be eligible for admission. Some parents asked questions, and four of the 15 students were admitted. Several people at the school said the principal used intimidation “so as to prevent anyone from implicating her.”

Still, the report seems to focus on corruption in pretty low places.

Thirteen CPS employees improperly used the district’s tax-exempt status to purchase electronics and personal items worth $4,000 to nearly $23,000. The purchases included video game systems, appliances, big-screen televisions and a “Three Stooges” DVD collection.

They saved a couple of bucks in taxes. They are so busted! 

Somehow a Three Stooges DVD collection seems minor compared to the dirty dealings of Barbara Byrd-Bennett and the conflicting interests of former board of education member Deborah Quazzo.

In a city as corrupt as Chicago we always seem to be able to bust the guy at Streets and San for sleeping in the van.

The big boys rarely get caught by an inspector general.

3 Replies to “CPS corruption in high and low places. Bruce Rauner and the Three Stooges.”

  1. I don’t get it. The main reason you pay the ridiculous taxes to live in a place like Winnetka (and other similar suburbs) is so that you can get your kid into a school like New Trier. But then again, what are the chances that Rauner actually pays his taxes in Winnetka? He doesn’t pay them anywhere else. Sigh.

  2. How true,the little guy gets discipined for taking a 5 min.coffee break but the Streets& San.deputy commisioners do politicsl favors on city time, after a 2 hour lunch.

  3. Rauner has been successfully buying whatever influence he has ever needed. The only thing he lacks is mirrors in his houses. The day he peers in those is the day he resigns. Maybe the Pope should give Bruce a visit similar to his meeting with Boehner.

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