The lies of Jeanne Ives.

Glen Brown

-Glen Brown blogs at Teacher/Poet/Musician

“…Pensions are bankrupting our state and crowding out our ability to fund safety net programs for the developmentally disabled or fund education with more state dollars in place of ever increasing property taxes. Without pension reform our state will continue to decline as unfunded… liabilities are expected to continue to climb until 2030 and the amount of general revenue dollars going to these unsustainable funds will climb with it” –Rep. Jeanne Ives.

Why are there unfunded liabilities, Jeanne Ives? In other words, why are you blaming public employees and retirees once again for what you and other politicians have done and continue to do through your carnival of deceitfulness and irresponsibility?

Only liars and thieves will continue to target constitutional contracts to resolve their manufactured fiscal problems. Are you an incorrigible liar and thief, Jeanne Ives?  Haven’t you read (and understood) the Illinois Supreme Court decision filed on May 8, 2015 (Docket No. 118585 In re Pension Reform Litigation (Doris Heaton et al., Appellees v. Pat Quinn, Governor, State of Illinois, et al., Appellants)) by Justices Karmeier, Garman, Freeman, Thomas, Kilbride, Burke and Theis?

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3 Replies to “The lies of Jeanne Ives.”

  1. Dear Representative Jean Ives,
    You deliberately want to wreck our lives,
    You do it with malicious lies,
    Evil intent is in your eyes,
    For that you deserve the booby prize.

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