Good morning. Your boss has already made more than you will make all year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.05.19 AM

On January 1, 2016 at 8:48 in the morning the CEO of CVS already made more money than you.

More money than the median income  of a CVS employee.

The most recent figure from EPI is for 2014. That year, CEOs earned 303 times as much as the average, non-management employee. Before the sun rose on Jan. 2, he or she had earned that employee’s salary. (That didn’t change much from 2013.) But 2014 wasn’t the peak. The peak was in 2000, when the average CEO earned his average employee’s salary before Jan. 1 was even over.


8 Replies to “Good morning. Your boss has already made more than you will make all year.”

  1. Fred,
    What the heck is your point? The bosses and owners of a business enterprise are supposed to make more than the median. If anyone has a beef here it would be the other owners of the business, they are the ones you could argue are being hurt by any “excess” compensation since it is coming out of the stock price, not the workers hide.
    By the way the largest % of compensation for the bosses comes from increase ion stock price, not “wages”, and a lot of the employees also own stock in the company. You have to include the stock appreciation on both the bosses and the workers compensation. I’ll ask again Fred, what is your problem with being paid a lot of $, it’s not a freaking gift. As an employee you are free to just change jobs, this is still America, at least ofr a while longer.

    1. “I’ll ask again Fred, what is your problem with being paid a lot of $, it’s not a freaking gift.”

      You’re right, it’s not a gift, it’s a theft. That money is earned by the workers who make the company profitable. It’s the value of their labor that pays those CEOs’ obscene salaries. Yes, bosses should get paid more than their workers, but not that much more. It is impossible to earn that much money, as money represents the value of labor. No one’s labor is worth that much.

  2. Fred,thanks for illustrating the great dividebetween ceo’s &the rest of us.The voters against public sector pensions are the same ones for excessive pay for ceo’s under a guise they label “free market economy”

  3. Rauner makes over a million dollars a week. He has made more since New Years Day then most families in Illinois would make in 15 or 20 years or even longer.

    1. By the way, speaking of Governor Brucie, according to the stories about passing a law to make it possible to recall Emmanuel, they say the only office that allows for a recall vote is the governor’s office! What are we waiting for?!?

  4. These are the very companies/CEOs & COOs (among others) that we hear crying, “Raise the minimum wage, & jobs will be lost!” because the co. will not, then be able to pay those MUCH higher wages (& do these employers even include benefits/pensions?). Oh, but the CEO of Deere can make 150x the amount of the median salary (& yet, I believe, Deere recently had a number of layoffs), yet they can’t afford to raise wages, let alone keep workers.And just w/in the last 2 days I read several articles about dreadful poverty (among the working!) in Mississippi, one involving a teacher who had become ill, had to retire early, & lives in a crumbling house so she can buy food & medicine (she does not qualify for any type of public assistance); & one about horrendous commutes, whereby one woman, in particular, has to get up at 3 AM to take several means of public transportation to get to her minimum wage job at O’Hare from her South Lawndale home.

    Sounds like CEOs those listed above could very easily be “laid off.”
    (Oh, I know what you’re thinking, Anony. “Then tell me, how would these companies be run? These CEOs just work SO hard!”

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