Sun-Times breaks a story about the CTU that the CTU broke nine months ago.


The CTU sold this building. Old news. Not a scoop.

The Sun-Times investigative reporters Dan Mihalopoulos and Lauren Fitzpatrick report a news scoop that reminds me of the one Mihalopoulos broke about CTU President Karen Lewis when she was considering a mayoral run.

Do you remember the one Mihapolousos did about Lewis’ vast real estate holdings: A Hawaiian time share and a family home in Michigan?

A bogus story if there ever was one.

Today, the Watchdogs of the Sun-Times uncovered the fact that the CTU sold a building it owned, placed the money in a bank account and established a foundation that awards grants to groups that advance the cause of public education and social justice.

This story isn’t bogus.

It’s just old news.

Crain’s carried the story of the building sale last April.

And the CTU reported it on their own web site nine months ago.

The Foundation received $8.1 million from the Tower Corp. in FY 2014 and, in its first activities in making charitable donations, granted approximately $1,014,000 to 22 charitable and educational organizations in amounts ranging from $30,000 to $100,000, the latter to a scholarship program offered to Chicago public school students. The Foundation is supporting the Infinite Scholars Program which has provided some $19 million in scholarships to CPS students over the past two years. Scholarship fairs were conducted at 11 CPS high schools last year. The Foundation is also providing support for teacher certification programs and vision care programs for Chicago public school students.

Is the Sun-Times suggesting that there is something wrong with the teachers union giving money to organizations that support a union agenda?

Was it a secret?

Is it a scoop?



2 Replies to “Sun-Times breaks a story about the CTU that the CTU broke nine months ago.”

  1. Reblogged this on twopowers1 and commented:
    Old news about the “greedy” CTU doing a better job supporting public education and doing a better job than the school board. As CPS closed schools, investment in privatized charter schools flourished!

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