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Andrew Biggs of the American Enterprise Institute claims there is no retirement crisis in the United States. Citing a recent report showing that senior incomes are high relative to other countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Biggs downplays the fact that many American seniors are not retired: 30 percent of 65- to 69-year-olds in the United States are employed, versus 20 percent in OECD countries on average. This ranks the United States eighth among 35 OECD countries in the share of 65- to 69-year-olds who are employed.  Economic Policy Institute


Friedrichs is being argued by a cabal of anti-unionists, hoping to smash the union movement once and for all by attacking it in the public sector where it is currently at its strongest. Nearly everyone agrees that overturning Abood would be both a radical rejection of precedent and an enormous blow to the power of all public employee unions, especially those representing teachers. Jersey Jazzman


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Chicago’s Lindblom High School


On Tuesday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency over a lead crisis in Flint, Michigan, where 4 percent of children have elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream — twice what the rate was just years ago.

As Vox’s Libby Nelson explained, the root of the crisis is budget problems: Faced with financial constraints, officials made cuts that effectively allowed the city’s water to get contaminated with more lead.

But an overlooked aspect of the crisis is how it represents a common thread in lead exposure issues: Lead often hits black communities hardest. Flint, for one, is nearly 57 percent black, much higher than the state average of 14 percent, according to US Census Bureau data. Vox

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  1. If Friedrichs is lost it will further weaken all private sector as well as public sector unions. If we are lucky, the court will re-affirm their 1977 ruling. However, that will not be the end of anti-union attacks, the Rauner-like politicians will continue their relentless quest to weaken unions and destroy what is left of the American middle class. The supreme court has become more politicized then ever, and some justices who could retire are holding out waiting to let a republican president name their replacement. If more anti-union justices get in, the fair share cases will be back again as quickly as they can be pushed through the lower courts.
    If we lose Friedrichs now, it will set us back to early 1900s. Meanwhile, our government is still not doing what it COULD do under existing anti-dumping laws. The Chinese government is watching out for the Chinese steel industry and the Chinese steelworkers jobs. Our government is also watching out for the Chinese steel industry and the Chinese steelworkers jobs. Obama is too worried about upsetting the “Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement” to enforce our existing laws. We need politicians who will level the playing field enforcing fair tariffs and anti-dumping laws, as they did for over 200 years. We need all the unions to get candidates to commit to fight FOR American workers and their union rights as hard as the 1%ers fight against us!
    All the unions, public and private are watching Friedrichs very closely.

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