Goodnight Flint.

-My friend, Karl Gabbey, responds to my drawing, “Two Pipelines” in the previous post.

The poisoning of an entire city by a Republican governor is a tragic object lesson for the entire country of why we should never entrust any public offices to members of a political party who have no interest in governing. This is the result when we elect people who only have the singular interest of enriching their big campaign contributors at the expense of everyone else…

Let’s call a spade a spade: Snyder, Michigan’s self-appointed Republican dictator, is a criminal. One need only see his modus operandi of removing constitutionally elected public officials with whom he disagrees and replaces with his hand-picked “emergency managers” who do his bidding. Snyder’s recklessness and callousness in this incredible environmental catastrophe and generally as governor is beyond shocking. Then, he blames the EPA. Typical of Republicans is never accept responsibility for the all the messes that they’ve created. The primary responsibility of poisoning the people of Flint, Michigan, particularly of its children was Snyder’s fault. Period! The buck stops in his office in Lansing.

Snyder is but a microcosm of Republican governance everywhere. The leadership of the Republican Party, not only in Michigan, but across the country is a pack of criminals supported by the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, and the rest of America’s 400 richest families while the party’s generally older white middle and lower income voter base is composed of suckers and useful idiots.

Republican governance with its virulent strain of Ayn Rand / Milton Friedman / Alan Greenspan / Reaganomics (tax cuts for the rich) / Voodoo economics / deregulatory / “free market” orthodoxy is destroying not only Flint, Michigan but the entire country. This Republican ideological mishmash of terrible ideas is wrecking our economy and laying waste to our environment. It’s decimating America’s middle class and creating a society of only the very wealthy and the poor. That’s the description of a third-world country and the end result for our nation if Republican governance is allowed to continue.

Check the governorships of Sam Brownback, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Bruce Rauner, John Kasich, Paul LePage, the governorships of the 11 former states of the Confederacy, and the rest of this disastrous criminal gang of Republicans running and ruining a majority of states. There’s a terrible pattern to how these guys “govern.” Collectively, these Republican governors have caused more destruction with their ideology than ISIS terrorists could ever dream of doing, but who sends drones after them?

Then, we have our illustrious Republican majority Supreme Court with its Citizens United, McCutcheon, and other terrible decisions. “Corporations are people” and “money is speech,” the Republican majority of five justices told the people of the United States that the more money “you” have, the more speech “you” have. Did our Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court deal a death blow to American representative democracy by putting it on the billionaires’ auction block where 99% of Americans have no chance of an opening bid?

An obstructionist / destructionist Republican Congress has made the lives of ordinary Americans considerably more difficult. For many, it has created misery. A Republican-controlled Congress is still trying to repeal Obamacare, originally a Republican idea, and leave millions without health insurance. If the American people really understood the extent of disastrous Republican governance, the Republican Party would be consigned to the “dust bin of history” where it belongs and its criminal leadership would rot in prison.

Unfortunately, this pack of criminals has Fux News, Limbaugh, Clear Channel, and the rest of the corporate media, including NBC with Chuck Todd, and CNN constantly running interference for this despicable political gang that bears the title, “Republican Party.” Our “mainstream media” are a farce and a disgrace for not reporting the full extent of willful Republican recklessness, callousness, incompetence, and naked stupidity. As a result, a disturbing number of uninformed citizens get sucked into the spinning vortex of the Republican maelstrom.

This is no exoneration of the leadership of the Democratic Party, particularly Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, nor corporate Democratic governors like Andrew Cuomo, nor mayors like Rahm Emanuel who have either adopted some of the Republican Party’s odious ideas like so-called “education reform” (No Child Left Behind / Race To The Top), charter schools, or Trans Pacific Partnership and have done little or nothing to rally popular opposition against Republican criminality. Many of our Democratic leaders have sold their souls to corporate America. Like Don Quixote, the Democratic leadership under President Obama is still looking for the “impossible dream” of politics called “bipartisanship” while the Republican leadership is laughing its collective ass off. Unlike the Republican Party, there’s still hope for the Democratic Party. It has a healthy and growing progressive wing.

The Republican Party of the United States of America thrives exclusively on ignorance, fear, hatred, racism, bigotry, misogyny, voter suppression, election fraud, gerrymandering, deception, distortion, lies, unlimited corporate money, and I dare say, voter apathy. It does not and can never exist through the “strength” of its shoddy ideas.

The circumstances surrounding the lead poisoning of Flint’s citizens, particularly its children through recklessness, incompetence, and callous indifference is just the tip of the iceberg of Republican criminal behavior through its governance across the United States. If not now, what will it take to hold the entire Republican Party and its warped ideology accountable for this disaster of disasters in Flint? Under continued Republican governance, Flint will be the future of the United States of America. Good night, Flint, Michigan. Good Night, America!

9 Replies to “Goodnight Flint.”

  1. Yes and Yes again. Well said. That is exactly what we have. What is sad is that in Illinois we have dem supermajorities that can send one os these criminals packing. Perhaps a progressive win in March will push the brain dead machine dems into doing it.

  2. As far as I can tell, no Republican presidential candidate has publicly commented on the water crisis in Flint; I wonder at their silence. Is poisoning minorities acceptable to these politicians? Their silence signifies acceptance of the situation in my opinion. Karl’s comments are “Right On”.

  3. I don’t think Obama et al really believe in “bipartisanship”. Obama at least is smart enough to see that it isn’t working, yet he keeps doing it. I don’t think it’s such a commitment to working across the aisle, but rather that he’s working for many of the same things as the Republicans. Look what Obama does when the Republicans have nothing to do with it – Libya, TPP, droning Muslim countries and assassinating U.S. citizens (including 16 year old ones). He cut heating subsidies for poor people in the middle of one of the coldest winters on record. He put cuts to Social Security on the table before the Republicans did.

    Yes, the Republicans are truly evil and soulless, but we need to ask ourselves why we keep rallying around the Democrats when they’re very little better? Why do we work against our own interests instead of finding/creating a party that actually serves the people?

    1. Obama Is a crony capitalist at its highest level. The regular democrat is one who will conform – period. The recent quote ” you have to agree to the bill to find out what is it” says it all.

      Republicans generally read the bill and at least talk about what it might cost.

      The system is broke and ways to abuse it for personal gain are continue to grow.

      First place to start -Term Limits – we do not even need a law – just vote them out.

  4. Dienne and other disaffected liberals,
    I share your feelings about the tenor of the Democratic Party leadership and I’m a Democrat precinct committeeman. Rather than forming a third party at this stage, it would be easier for progressives to take over the Democratic Party. Do I dare say, take over the Democratic Party the way the tea baggers took over the Republican Party. If you’re not already involved, seek out your local Democratic organization and take a group of friends or other like-minded people and attend their meetings. Then, join the organization. Start from there. I hope that others will do the same. In this election cycle, I’m working for Bernie Sanders first, but my Plan B, should Hillary become the standard bearer, is to work for her in the November election. We must prevent another Republican presidency. There’s too much at stake, starting with the Supreme Court.

    1. The elderly Supremes have some personal responsibility skin in this game too, y’know. Ginsburg, as much as I love her, is in her 80s. She could – and probably should – make the choice to retire now and get replaced by a Democratic president. If she attempts to make it through the next 5 years or 9 years and finds she can’t make it and ends up exiting under a Republican president, that’s on her. Same with the other older members of the court.

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