Rahm’s 100% against a state takeover. That’s spells trouble.


Bruce Rauner and the Republican leadership of the Illinois legislature said yesterday that they want  to pass legislation allowing them to take over the Chicago Public Schools and declare it bankrupt.

Rauner can’t manage the State of Illinois. Now he wants to operate CPS too?

We have seen what Republican state takeovers of local government can do.

Exhibit A: Flint, Michigan.

Maybe this is all posturing.

Or maybe this was the plan all along.

“Boss” Madigan has proven his veto-proof legislature isn’t exactly as veto-proof as some thought.

But Republicans can’t pass squat without Democratic Party support. As of this morning we haven’t heard from Madigan or Senate President Cullerton.


Update: Natasha Korecki reports:

Rauner is in the midst of a political war with Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, whose spokesman Tuesday night likened the takeover proposal to the state of Michigan’s takeover of Flint, Michigan which is now in the midst of a water lead poisoning crisis.

“I would say that anybody worried about state takeovers should look at Flint, that’s what takeovers look like,” Brown told POLITICO. “That may be the template you may want to use when you evaluate whether it’s a good idea to take over. Look at what happened to the people in Flint and try not to repeat mistakes.”


We are justified in being concerned when the union leadership has totally conceded the fight against Rauner to Madigan and Cullerton.

Mayor Rahm says he is “100% against it.”

That could very well mean he has already agreed to it in a private meeting with Rauner over a couple of glasses of expensive wine.

As the Flint drinking water disaster reaches epic proportions, Michigan’s Republican governor Snyder says it is his Hurricane Katrina.

Not quite.

Katrina was a natural disaster that political opportunists took advantage of to destroy public institutions in New Orleans.

In Michigan it was political opportunists who destroyed democratic control over public institutions that created the disaster.

And now it has come to Illinois and to Chicago.

This is as good a place for us to stop it as anywhere.

10 Replies to “Rahm’s 100% against a state takeover. That’s spells trouble.”

  1. This is so transparent. Hey, CTU – why don’t you go ask the union-busting governor for half a billion? Made no sense at all. Now it all makes sense.
    Interesting that this comes out just as CTU contract negotiations are intensifying. This had to be the plan all along. Give the mayor leverage in contract negotiations – the city’s and the state’s credit rating be damned.
    And an added bonus for all Bruce’s hedge fund buddies – outsized returns on relatively safe munis.
    Well, at least Ty Fahner’s happy now.

    1. I don’t agree. Rauner know rahm is severely injured and he’s going in for the kill. Rauner’s willing to bring the state to ash then rise like a Phoenix. Look what he’s doing to our state universities! He will break the unions at all costs, blaming the dems of course. Mark my words.. . we will continue to fall.

    1. So so true. All Koch driven…surprise surprise.
      Start with a Chicago bankruptcy then go into other cities and privatize it all.
      How many minutes do you think it would take a financial manager to declare bankruptcy inChicago if one is ever in charge? Did I say minutes, meant seconds.

    2. “Who and what are the forces behind state takeovers?”
      The same forces who were behind the loans intended to “help” third world countries that instead roped them into a downward cycle of debt and dependence. Very profitable – for the banks.
      They’re the payday lenders of international finance – you know – Goldman, JP Morgan, etc.
      It was Goldman who helped Greece “fix” their finances.

  2. Have you read National Review about who is really responsible for Flint? All started long before Rick Snyder had to gei involved bailing out another bankrupt Democratic city!

  3. The National Review has the same value as the old communist East German newspaper, “Neues Deutschland” or the Soviet Union’s “Pravda.” I don’t know about the Soviet citizens’ view of “Pravda,” but the East Germans would always say that “Neues Deutschland” was good for three things:
    1. Use it to wrap the fish that you buy at the market place.
    2. Use it to start a fire in your coal furnace.
    3. Use it as toilet paper in the outhouse.

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