What’s behind the Rauner move? Tag teaming with Rahm to bust the CTU.


If there is any doubt as to what is behind the Rauner threat to take over the Chicago Public Schools, the governor made it clear this afternoon.

“I believe if we get involved we can take on the teachers union,” Rauner said Wednesday after participating in a blood drive at Union Station. “The mayor is afraid of them. He’s not taking them on. He caved in the teachers strike four and half years ago and he’s sending the message right now he’s going to give them what they want and then say: ‘State, pay for it.’”

A criticism of Mayor Rahm?

Don’t be silly.

These two are old wine-sharing buddies.

This is the two of them doing a tag team with contract negotiations.

While Democratic Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton have declared the specifics of the GOP takeover proposal dead in the water, the situation is still fluid.

Make no mistake. This is hard ball bargaining tactics.

Anyone who has been at the bargaining table, as I have, can smell this kind of good-cop/bad-cop stuff a mile away.

Make no mistake. The target is the teachers union.

14 Replies to “What’s behind the Rauner move? Tag teaming with Rahm to bust the CTU.”

  1. Tag team or not Rauner will do anything to eliminate teachers unions. And if he gets CPS the rest of us will be more vulnerable. As villains go, Rauner is far more dangerous than Rahm. While I don’t believe that police violence is right, it’s a national problem not a homemade Rahm proble. Instead of investing our energy in impeaching Rahm, we should be working to impeach Rauner. He’s an enemy of our children, the poor, the middle class and he is holding up the IL budget until the legislature gets rid of our teachers unions. So he is aiming his weapons at our livelihoods. We need a movement to impeach Rauner.

    1. It’s pretty evident that they are both trying to take down the Unions. This is something everyone needs to understand and not let happen. In a City like Chicago that has always been hard working Middle class. Our teachers today,other Unions tomorrow and it just keeps going! We are better than this!! Let’s fight for our futures now before we all have nothing!!!

  2. Fred, keep us updated. I am a teacher in Cleveland. If you want many a story……look into Cleveland Metro Schools. Love your work. MJulius

  3. I don’t know about Rahm …but I don’t see Madigan being part of it. He brought up Flint. I am pretty sure he and Rainer really hate each other. There is a real war going on in the republican party as well .The hatred of Cruz is a hatred of the Koch brothers coming out.

  4. My blood boiled while listening to yesterdays news conference while Representative Sandack kept talking about Detroit Public Schools and how it is model for financial recovery. No serious questions from the lapdog media about the scandals and problems with the state takeover in Detroit as well as the entire state of Michigan. We have an entire nation of local, state, and federal government that is unwilling and/or incapable of solving any problems. What we have now at CPS is a de facto, quasi emergency school management. In case it’s not crystal clear, here is what the next level emergency management of public schools looks like on the ground. If your human, it will rip your heart out. Check this out:

  5. This has been coming for a long time. CTU has not helped. The contracts always involve salary increases yet never effectively address performance issues. If it were about the children, the only thing addressed would be improving the experience and results of theses kids. The number of entrenched teachers with no fear of losing their job is overwhelming. Unfortunately it is many of the higher paid teachers since they have been there the longest and know the system. The worst offender and least effective teacher in our school IS the union rep. It is a deep problem. Principals have rules to be followed in the schools; basic requirements of any job. There is zero need to follow them since one cannot be fired, plain and simple. I support the need for this union. I don’t support how poorly it is run and it’s true focus-money. The salaries cannot grow every year as they do. It is probably time for a reset, not unlike the stock market. On the other hand, CPS has no clue what to do with more money if they had it. They certainly have not shown any effectiveness with funds for decades. More money for the kids does not translate into better schools in this system. They just continue to decline. I do not have the answers. We elect people that “have” the answers, except in the case of CPS where we get more appointed clueless officials.

    1. I assume that you have a problem with your union. especially your union representative. How have you addressed this? My view is that teachers need at least a COLA to survive and really the school board should require the teachers to take magic lessons to teach with nothing. We need an elected, responsible school board and we citizens fight for it daily by pressing our house representatives. FYI: Principals have been fired. Be strong, stay hopeful, and file a grievance with the union if that is necessary!

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