Pension thieves fall out.


-By Glen Brown who posts at Teacher/Poet/Musician

I have written many times that challenges will lie ahead for current public employees, retirees and their families, and for every citizen of Illinois. These facts will not changed: there are liars and thieves among us who will continue to choose which contracts to honor and which ones to violate in the future.

We know they will attempt another legislative thievery of our benefits and rights again. Thus, we must continue our vigilance. Most importantly, we must continue our resistance against the dishonest politicians and their mendacious accomplices, such as members of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, the Civic Federation, Illinois Policy Institute, and their ilk.

We know corrupt legislators (and the current governor) will attempt to pass laws for their own advantage. We should recall that despite their pledges, the legislators’ criteria for justice are their considerations for what is expedient for them—their re-elections to remain in power and wealth.

You can find the entire Glen Brown post here. It includes extensive quotes from Madigan, Rauner and Cullerton.

3 Replies to “Pension thieves fall out.”

  1. I really dont think think the retirees have to worry as much as those who would someday like to…..the threats to shut CSU the CPU layoffs…..The strike that will be forced really more a lockout forced on AFSCME………I am sure I missed some more horrible plans

  2. In return for promises of campaign support, the Republican legislators and their special guest, Ken Dunkin, serenade Rauner. Come election day, let’s all go and vote them out!

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