I don’t vote Machine.


Harish I Patel in the 40th State Representative race.

I have no trouble deciding who I’m supporting in certain elections. Especially local ones.

I don’t pick someone because they got me a garbage can or got a pothole filled. I figure that’s what I’m supposed to get. Besides, the whole concept of Chicago patronage and favors for votes pisses me off.

I understand that some others, even friends of mine, may lose their way. Or just disagree.

I don’t vote Machine.

Not the Daley Machine. Not the Rahm Machine. And particularly not the Mell Machine. I have battled the Mell Machine here on the north west side for 45 years and I’m not quitting now.

So when I got a letter from my alderman telling me to support the current 40th District State Representative Jaime Andrade, who has been a Mell Machine guy for 17 years, the guy who was appointed to the job when Dick Mell’s daughter moved to take his aldermanic seat, I ignored it

Except that the letter claimed that my 39th District State Representative, Will Guzzardi, also endorsed Andrade.

I was disappointed. But it didn’t change anything. Actually, endorsements rarely do. I don’t vote Machine.

A few minutes ago I received this:

STATEMENT: Rep. Will Guzzardi issues correction on 40th District state rep race

CHICAGO (January 26, 2016)–Following is a statement from State Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39th) clarifying his position on the neighboring 40th District state representative race:

“Earlier today, another office sent out a press release erroneously stating that I had endorsed Jaime Andrade in the 40th District State Representative race. I have made no endorsement in the race, and the author of that release did not speak with me before sending it.”

I’m glad. I worked and voted for Guzzardi because I believe him to be a genuine progressive.

But it wouldn’t have mattered. I support the progressive candidate in this race, Harish I Patel.

If endorsements matter to you, I endorse Harish.

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