Keeping retirement weird. Following the Farm Report.

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Mike Stephen, host of WGN’s Outside the Loop.

Besides this blog and other social media, I do my share of traditional media. It may consist mostly of small-audience low frequency radio stations and community television. But still.

In this time of over-the-air radio stations live-streaming and Youtube, my appearances get a wider audience.

Although the data shows that I tend to drive audiences to their programs a lot more than they drive audiences to this blog.

I have to admit that I was psyched about my interview on WGN this morning with Mike Stephen who hosts the weekly Saturday morning show Outside the Loop.

I mean it was WGN. Home of the Cubs.

As far as my appearances go, the price of poker just went up!

WGN was the home of classic drive-time and mid-day radio hosts, Wally Phillips and Roy Leonard.

Although I think they are both deceased now.

Stephen’s show, Outside the Loop, broadcasts at 6AM on Saturday mornings right after Orion Samuelson’s Farm Report. How great is that!? I followed news about pork bellies and cow futures.

My interview was pre-recorded. Although Mike told me that I could hear the show later on their website, I set the alarm for 5:45. I wanted time to brush my teeth, splash water on my face and make a hot pot of coffee. Anne even said she would get up too.

Mike’s hour-long show, which he said started as a podcast, is pretty cool. He began with a personal tribute to a family friend who had recently passed away and who was a former priest and peace activist. My ten minutes of talk about CPS, state takeovers, elected school boards and Bruce Rauner, was followed by a story about racism in the CPD and another about Logan Square’s really ugly billboards with Logan Square Preservation’s president, Andrew Schneider.

It just so happens that Andrew Schneider grew up in Park Ridge and he was my student in elementary school.

So, I still call him Andy.

I will be posting my interview here as soon at WGN posts it on their website. Maybe I will post the entire show because all the stories were good ones.

This is not your grandparents’ WGN.

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