12 Replies to ““Never.””

  1. And that’s EXACTLY why we need to get Bernie elected.
    He never has…& he never will…say never to we, the people.
    If you haven’t yet started to work for Bernie, I will say “never”–never too late to start (there’ll be LOTS of work to do, especially in IL, a real Hillary state).
    Go to bernie.com to get started (&–BTW–if you don’t do business online, you can actually MAIL contributions to Burlington, VT.)
    Bernie 2016…he’s the real deal (&, yes, he DID explain his plan to fund his programs–not at all farfetched, & as common-sense as Ralph Martire).

    1. I, agree, Bernie is “the real deal.” Hillary Clinton now says that she is being pragmatic whereas Bernie is being a visionary when it comes to such things as “universal health care” Hillary, too could be a visionary. However, as long as she continues to take money from Wall Street and the corporate world her “vision” including her vision of health care will continue to be dictated by Wall Street and the corporate world.

    1. You are right Unlike, Bernie she must be pragmatic and not a visionary And the reason for this? As long as she takes money from Wall Street and the health industry it will be these campaign contributors and not Hillary who will determine Hillary’s vision

  2. No never why the Clintons would Never put their interests before …….oh never mind Met some Bernie campaign workers in Iowa yesterday nice people. He has my vote. He also has the best political ads ever.

  3. Personally experienced Canadian healthcare during visits to my mother’s family during childhood summers. Some of the best care I received as a child. All the spooking over national single payer healthcare is a distortion, probably to protect special interests. I prefer Bernie…

    1. Dienne, I always LOVE your comments–this one takes the cake (you know, the oligarchs don’t even give us cake, anymore {as referenced by the ALEC 40th Birthday Party at the Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, a few years ago, while we were marching–about 2 K of us {no media, of course} below–they didn’t even throw us any crumbs of birthday cake out the window).
      Maybe, though, her slogans should be, “No, YOU can’t!” or “”Yes. I (emphasis on the “I”) can!”

  4. On outcomes we are worse than most other developed countries. I looked at the PPI which takes well I wont bore you…..basically take out health costs and fed bubbles like housing and stocks there has been no inflation since the 80s ….of course we need those things but since these things are counted in gdp we get a number that makes the economy look better than it is…..Now look at the revenues of the Fortune 500 in 1973 600 billion. Industry Week 500 which is the current manufacturing list is 6 trillion. Wow 10 great well………that 1973 figure was all made in us and sold in us …..now its about half or 3 trillion…as to made its less but that is not disclosed.But apple is near the top of the list and their made in US would be 10 …caterpillar about half……..so take 600 billion ×1.6 population ×2.79 PPI …………that is why you see what candidates get crowds and which ones dont.

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