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A campaign for State Rep that reflects the diversity of our neighborhood. Harish I Patel (center, second row) with progressive 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack (to his right).

Closing out her Iowa campaign, Hillary Clinton on Friday declared that the Medicare-for-all proposal pushed by her Democratic primary opponent and many liberal groups will “never, ever come to pass.” The statement came weeks after a new poll showed most Americans support the idea. Her declaration was a reversal of her position two decades ago — which came before she received millions of dollars of campaign cash from the health industry. International Business Times



Here’s my interview on WGN’s Outside the Loop with Mike Stephen. My part starts at the 8 minute mark, but the entire show is worth a listen. 


Soon school boards around the state are going to be faced with these very slick charter proposals and will have to figure out a way to carve up the already too small pie with private operators. And that will basically the fruit of a Steans family pet project, and the Republicans.For the record, one of the other things that bothers me about this new grant is that it sets up a partnership with the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, which will get a taxpayer funded platform to promulgate its point of view. They’re basically being paid to disseminate “information.” Now that I’ve taken a hard look at the political operation behind this network– it’s a hardball political operation funded exclusively by two wealthy families– I find it completely objectionable that they’re being elevated to some quasi-official agency.

We basically have two governments in Illinois: the public one, where people vote on things. And the private one, where the wealthy purchase policies that bypass the public system. Tim Furman




“Don’t worry. Be happy. Oooh. Oooh.”

6 Replies to “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.”

  1. I just received the first installment of my Cook County property tax bill. I noticed that the bill includes a list of all the pension shortfalls for each taxing entity. I never noticed this before. Is this another tactic by the asses in Springfield to further turn the public against teachers, police officers, etc.?

  2. Great job on GN. Our family rules that station. 

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  3. Not on mine downstate but thanks to the ptax freeze loose talk and not funding community colleges every taxing body is raising even if they dont need it. Thanks for the tax increase bruce

  4. I’ve heard (hearsay, so far) that Harish Patel is open to charter schools outside of his district (40th), if elected. What’s your take on Patel vs. Andrade regarding charter schools?

    1. Hearsay indeed.

      From Harish I Patel’s web site:

      Investing in Public Education

      Public, neighborhood schools are the anchors of healthy communities. As State Rep, I will:

      Work to fix our broken education funding system and to create an equitable and adequate funding model for public schools.
      Stand up strongly against the proliferation of new charter schools, which suck the lifeblood from our neighborhood schools.
      Stand up strongly for a democratically-elected, representative school board that genuinely and effectively represent the voices and needs of Chicago parents and students.
      Support legislation to make college more accessible and affordable by investing in community colleges, two-to-four year college pathway programs, and fight to adequately fund public colleges and universities.

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