2 Replies to “CPS responds with threats and promises of cuts.”

  1. Ah. The real Forrest has now emerged. If you don’t take my “generous” offer to give back millions more to CPS so that they can continue to pay high powered buddies and support charters, than we will simply take it from you. It’s interesting how Forrest and Rahm view negotiations. Labor actions really need to begin the minute those short checks and large class sizes appear. Forget the strike date in May. Go with sickouts and slowdowns. There are ways.

    I am glad to be retired although trying to keep my “lavish” pension (such a joke) is becoming very tiresome and hateful.

  2. Dear Fred, It is difficult as a retired elementary teacher and CANADIAN, to read of the behaviour of the troglodytes who control you education system. I enjoy reading your blog but find it hard to accept that the governors are as corrupt as the evidence presents. The article to which I am reacting is not negotiation but instead is blackmail, plain and simple. Keep up the fight. I will be waiting anxiously to learn of how the issue is resolved. Yours sincerely,

    Dennis Wright Sent from my iPad


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