4 thoughts on “Rauner responds with threats of a state takeover of CPS.

  1. Too bad Rauner never checks the statutes before making these pronouncements.

    It is quite a leap from “We want to take over…,,” to actually making it happen. C.P.S. is an entity unto itself, immune from these threats unless a new law passed in the General Assembly to make it happen.

    Another Rauner idea that is D.O.A.

  2. So, purposely jawboning up the interest rates of a takeover target prior to a bond offering is probably a strategic tactic in the venture capital/hedge fund-corporate takeover universe.
    But in the public sector it looks more like an act of municipal murder – a governor making disparaging public announcements at the very moment that a municipality is about to take a bond deal to market is an act of sabotage. If this is not a crime, then it should be.
    This has, at least, got to be an impeachable offense.

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