7 thoughts on “The vast right-wing conspiracy.

  1. Now I’ve heard it all…there are plenty of conspiracy sites that do a better job, or I can watch the new season of the “X-Files.” Sometimes a progressive is just a progressive, and Bernie has been Congress and Senate’s most reliable.

  2. This “Sanders supporters are really just right-wingers in disguise” meme is a form of gaslighting. It’s a way of dismissing, marginalizing and silencing the opposition in a way that makes it really hard to fight back because you have to prove a negative. “No we’re not” isn’t really convincing even though its the truth. Glenn Greenwald has written about the “Bernie Bro” narrative, and I think a lot of what he says is applicable to this meme as well: https://theintercept.com/2016/01/31/the-bernie-bros-narrative-a-cheap-false-campaign-tactic-masquerading-as-journalism-and-social-activism/

  3. Show me the evidence, Randi! We can make up all kinds of conspiracy theories. For example, what if a union leader doesn’t see the conflict of interest in taking donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And let’s say that same leader then becomes a staunch supporter of the Common Core State Standards. Is that a conspiracy, too?

    I know, there’s a lot at stake since the leaders of the two teacher unions jumped the gun on supporting Hillary without input from the rank-and-file. But you don’t need to insult the large number of us (at least half?) who support Bernie.

  4. Bo wonder I don’t see it on my wall. I’m still completely disappointed that Randi took it upon herself to endorse Hillary without a comprehensive nember vote.

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