Freebies for the U of C charter network while CPS goes begging.


10th Ward Alderwoman Sue Sadlowski Garza (left) and Anne Klonsky at the CTU march yesterday.

I ran into so many friends at the CTU march yesterday and met so many more new friends who read this blog.

It is gratifying.

Among the old friends was Alderman Sue Garza of the 10th Ward.

Sue had just spent the day in a meeting of the Chicago City Council Housing Committee.

“How’d it go?” I asked.

She gave me a frown.

Today she posted:

I sit on the Housing Committee and yesterday the University of Chicago Charter school network came before the committee and asked to negotiate a sale for 19 city lots in the Woodlawn neighborhood for $1 dollar to build a Charter school.

On the same agenda I had a constituent that had a negotiated sale for 1 city lot on 88th and Mackinaw for $8000.

How can we justify this?

How can we keep forging ahead building schools when CPS is broke?

How can we charge a 73 year old woman way below the poverty level $8000 dollars for one lot and a CHARTER SCHOOL NETWORK WITH TIES TO THE University of Chicago with the biggest endowment in the state $1 dollar for 19 lots.

Needless to say I asked many questions and then voted NO.

It passed anyway.

6 thoughts on “Freebies for the U of C charter network while CPS goes begging.

  1. Freebies for all charters! What’s more-is the general public aware of the marketing campaigns for student enrollment at charters. While CPS teachers are struggling to keep their jobs, my friend at a big name charter school is required to spend hours after work time telemarketing to recruit students for charter expansion. Underutilized charters exist and yet the city will continue opening more of them. This has got to stop!

  2. Hmmmmmmm. Don’t Rahm’s kids and Anne’s kids go to the U of Cs lab schools which are unencumbered by the very laws they passed? I’m sure Rahm will get some political contributions in return.

  3. The land write down wasn’t for a new charter school; it was for land on which a new building for an existing charter school is to be built – to be completely funded by the University of Chicago (or related entity.)

    The woman buying a lot through a city program is keeping the lot for her own personal use – there is no public benefit.

    See the difference?

    1. The University of Chicago is a billion dollar corporation. The woman buying a lot is a senior living below the poverty level. See the difference? Who is the city for?

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