Is Dunkin going down?


A pro-Rauner PAC just gave Democrat State Representative Ken Dunkin a half-million bucks for his pro-Rauner, anti-union votes.

Dunkin isn’t bought cheap.

An early sign of Dunkin going Rauner was when he went AWOL on a vote that AFSCME needed in their collective bargaining battle with the governor.

Dunkin has been all-Rauner all the time ever since in votes for Rauner’s turnaround agenda.

A half million dollars for the state rep’s job?

I remember when these guys could be bought for a ride to the airport.

The price of poker in Illinois has definitely gone up.

But even State Rep Jaime Andrade, who has never had a political principle other than re-election he believes in, doesn’t go that high. Dick Mell’s local Machine organization – the one that created Andrade as a state rep – doesn’t have the deep pockets that Rauner has. Or isn’t willing to spend it on the phony born-again progressive Andrade.

The Tribune is reporting:

Juliana Stratton, who’s challenging state Rep. Ken Dunkin of Chicago in the Democratic primary, announced support from Secretary of State Jesse White, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Stratton is the union-backed challenger to Dunkin, who has created controversy by siding with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner on several initiatives that have denied Democrats their 71-member veto-proof majority in the House.

Allies of Rauner are helping to fund Dunkin’s re-election. But Democratic opposition to Dunkin is coalescing. Stratton also is getting the backing of several aldermen including Brian Hopkins, 2nd; Pat Dowell, 3rd; Leslie Hairston, 5th; Rod Sawyer, 6th; Michelle Harris, 8th; and Brendan Reilly, 42nd. Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Catholic Church also is backing Stratton.

In a statement, Stratton said Dunkin has “decided to stand with his million-dollar campaign donors instead of our families. I’m standing with local leaders who speak up for our families.” (Rick Pearson)

Dunkin’s district runs from the wealthy near north through the heart of Chicago’s south side to Grand Crossing.

Will Rauner’s half million be enough to save Dunkin’s butt?

3 thoughts on “Is Dunkin going down?

  1. There is an upper limit on tge value of money in a race like this. A Lot will be wasted on expensive tv ads that no one will see. I expdct the CTU owns the ground early voting is underway. AFSME being forced to strike is up next. King Rauner is trying to shove his work at the will of Lord Rauner. So we face collapse if social services ….higher ed CSU and EIU may bs gone soon and 2 major forced strikes. BTW bernie and hillary tied nationally. Rahm is on his own.

  2. Mr Rauner is ready to pay for votes and he cares not who you are. Destroy the Middle class is his and his rich friends goal. Dunkin needs to be thrown out of office for voting with the GOP Governor. AFSCME and the Democrats remember.

  3. Dunkin likes to vacation and NOT bother to be in Springfield during important votes. Lets help him out! Vote for his early retirement, so he can vacation and stay away from Springfield all he wants!

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