We get letters.


Hey, is that you in park ridge making 108,272 in a salary????

-Just the facts

Dear Just,

No. But I wish it was. I have been retired for four years.

– Fred



People who deal with investments know something you do not!!!!

-Look at the facts

Dear Look,

Apparently they knew how to nearly crash the world’s economy in 2008.

I’m thinking The Big Short for an Oscar. What do you think?




How about hating daily who got you here?????

-Wake up

Dear Wake,

I’m trying to be a better person and not hate daily.

It’s hard.




Just quit the infernal whining.

-Odd guy 

Dear Odd,

But then what would I blog about?

Say. How do you like the cartoons? 



5 Replies to “We get letters.”

  1. This is getting to be one of my favorite features of your blog. Not that I’m happy you get hate mail, but some of it is really funny actually (daily? Ha!). Your responses are hilarious.

  2. Dear Look,

    I know quite a bit about investments seeing I do this for a living. This always comes in handy when the occasional “contribution as a percentage of benefit” list makes its circles. Fact is over a lifetime of contributions in a 401(k) including gains and employer match, the lifetime benefit can show similar numbers. So when people try to tell you that a teacher only contributed 8% as compared to total benefits they received it is not something that should shock you or be used as a reason to villify teachers and teacher pensions.

    Oh and have the courage to post a comment with your name and not a mask.

  3. Hey Just the Facts,

    I’m that teacher making $108,272 in Park Ridge. With 30 years of experience, a Bachelor’s and two Masters in Education. I worked damned hard to make that money, and I still work damned hard every single day for the children I teach. I started at $7800 in 1980. If you think I’m undeserving, come give it a try. You’ll be begging to leave by lunchtime.

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