Keeping retirement weird. Busy days.

This is a busy Saturday.

My friend Ellen Gradman is coming by at around 8 AM and we are going over to the radio studio of WLUW 88.7 FM. The station is located off north Michigan Avenue by the Water Tower.

I promised Ellen coffee before we head out. She says 8 AM is a bit early for her on a Saturday morning.


It’s late for me. I have already had my first cup.

Mike, Katy and Thom are squeezing us in among their crowded guest list on Live from the Heartland. Among the guests this morning is the great musician Jon Langford of the Mekons and The Waco Brothers.

Our good friends from Live from the Heartland are giving us a few moments to plug the art show Ellen and I are doing and the opening party is next Friday, 6 to 10 PM at Uri-Eichen Gallery, 2101 South Halsted.

Music at our show will be provided by 4 1/2 Seconds of Reverb, a great band of Chicago teachers.

Then Ellen and I are running over to the gallery to actually put up the show.

In addition to getting ready for our exhibit (I will be showing large scale versions of my blog post drawings), Ellen has been busy.

She just finished a great poster we used to get the word out about last Thursday’s big CTU march through the Chicago Loop.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.56.46 AM

In addition to her own work, Ellen will have examples in our show of work that kids did during the Dyett Hunger Srike and the work of students she works with at Drummond school.

Then, tonight Anne and I are joining Oscar, Theo and the kids for our second session of Critical Taco Theory. 

We believe Chicago has the best tacos in the United States. And I include my Los Angeles homeland in that claim.

But we need the data.

Our last class was held at the wonderful La Cecina in Back of the Yards. We had excellent grilled steak tacos.


Tonight we are collecting data at Mezquite Pollo Express at 2809 West 55th in Gage Park. I believe they have cochinita pibil tacos with pickled red onions on the menu.

Busy day.

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