3 Replies to “Kissinger.”

  1. Although Hillary professes to be a “progressive,” did she expose a non-progressive, moderate, political streak with that Kissinger remark? Didn’t she realize that the name “Kissinger” is a craw in most progressive Democrats’ throats? Hillary just undermined her “progressive” label.

    Still… Bernie first and Hillary second in the primary. Hillary is still infinitely better than any of the Republican choices. That puts the utter depravity of the Republicans into perspective.

  2. I talked to some Bernie people in Iowa they are well aware of how so called free trade destroyed the middle class and know that Trump has caught on because of that issue but Bernie pointed out the other differences well in the debate. That said I agree with the union leaders in the Times last week that Trump has appeal to a lot of union members. I think Bernie can beat him in Ohio and I don’t think Hillary can. I also notice he talks about a better America and how he wants his crowds t continue to force change after the election unlike a Hillary and especially the Donald who talk about themselves.

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