12 Replies to “Hell is Madeleine Albright.”

  1. Of all things, why are you resurrecting a horrible statement made by Albright in 1996? She has apologized many times and said she was wrong for saying it.
    In 2004, Albright said “I have said 5,000 times that I regret it. It was a stupid statement. I never should have made it and if everybody else that has ever made a statement they regret, would stand up, there would be a lot of people standing. I have many, many times said it and I wish that people would report that I have said it. I wrote it in my book that it was a stupid statement.”
    Could it be that you are trying to discredit her support for Hillary Clinton? Focus on the issues between Sanders and Clinton and leave out the creeping misogyny in your posts.

    1. Um.It is probably being resurrected because of her statements about voting for Hillary or going to hell. If you don’t want old dumb statements being resurrected, don’t make new dumb statements. Her retraction doesn’t bring back dead children from a stupid war. Of course it is about her support for Hillary. Now. Do you want to explain Hillary’s praise for Henry Kissinger. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t apologized for Vietnam, Cambodia or Chile.

    1. A few other quotations from Albright:

      “If we have to use force, it is because we are America; we are the indispensable nation. We stand tall, and we see further than other countries into the future” (Gardner, The Long Road to Baghdad, 111). From a discussion with Colin Powell, Albright asked: “What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?” (Colin Powell, My American Journey, New York: Random House, 1995, p. 576).

  2. Today’s headline in the New York Times says, “Ms. Steinem and Ms. Albright called on young women who favor Mr. Sanders over Hillary Clinton to essentially grow up and get with the program.”

    Why am I supposed to support Hillary when I disagree with some of her policies? Enough is enough and I’m for Bernie. The New York Times is working overtime to get Clinton as candidate. Enough on the bias of corporate run news.

  3. Hillary struggles to consolidate women’s vote. Washington Post:
    “The latest sign came Sunday, when a new CNN-WMUR survey here showed Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont beating Clinton among women by eight percentage points … While many older women’s rights advocates see the election of Clinton as the next logical step in a broader movement, some younger activists have expressed resentment at the notion that they should feel obligated to vote for Clinton…”

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