Sunday posts, pics and tweets.

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Political prisoner Leonard Peltier.

What can I say that I have not said before? I guess I can start by saying see you later to all of those who have passed in the last year. We Natives don’t like to mention their names. We believe that if we speak their names it disrupts their journey. They may loose their way and their spirits wander forever. If too many call out to them, they will try to come back. But their spirits know we are thinking about them, so all I will say is safe journey and I hope to see you soon.

On February 6th, I will have been imprisoned for 40 years! I’m 71 years old and still in a maximum security penitentiary. At my age, I’m not sure I have much time left. Leonard Peltier




The larger trouble with Newton is simple. He’s too big, too fast, too smart, too good at his position and most significantly as of late, too Black for the NFL. Even after delivering touchdown ball upon touchdown ball to starry-eyed children in the stands, he’s still “out of line” for his jovial celebrations which make some uncomfortable. And if Newton has to choose between fan comfortability and the vibe he needs to execute, I pray chooses the latter. How does one feel uncomfortable about him? Answers for that are simple. He doesn’t fit the respectable aesthetic of a Russell Wilson who kneels after conquering the endzone or drops quotables about God during interviews. Newton takes sideline pictures with Young Jeezy and parties on stage with Future. He’s taken “dabbing”, a dance that pays tribute to Black culture’s mesmerizing influence to international proportions, all the while speaking in press conferences candidly about fatherhood. Simply put, the confusion he spoke about in a recent press conference that he believed onlookers were suffering from, is seeing Black culture and excellence empowered by the most puissant position in American sports history. Tariq Touré


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Ted Cruz embraced the notion Saturday that waterboarding is not torture and suggested he’d bring it back in a limited way. “Under the definition of torture, no it’s not,” he said. “Under the law, torture is excruciating pain that is equivalent to losing organs or systems.”

Cruz said waterboarding can be effective in high-level interrogations. “Bad things happen when enhanced interrogation at lower levels,” he said.

Trump said he’d consider a more robust form of interrogation techniques. “I’d bring back waterboarding and I’d bring back a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding,” he said.

Rubio, on the other hand, said candidates shouldn’t be discussing techniques in a “widespread way.” Politico



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  1. Leonard Peltier was a leading member of the American Indian Movement (AIM), an organization which seeks to promote and uphold Native American Indian rights. On 26 June 1975, during a confrontation involving AIM members on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota, FBI agents Ronald Williams and Jack Coler were shot dead. Leonard Peltier was convicted of their murders in 1977 and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. Leonard Peltier does not deny that he was present during the incident. However, he has always denied killing the agents as was alleged by the prosecution at his trial.

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