Random thoughts. Billionaire Bill.


Have you heard of The Third Way?

No. It is not an internet porn site.

It is a Democratic Party group that William Daley, Chicago billionaire banker and brother of the former Mayor Richie Daley, set up to push the one percenter agenda within the Party.

Hillary is their candidate.


They have a web site here. You have to love a group that features the post, Why We Need 95% of Students to Take Tests, and has their home page offering resources on supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership.

In the old days they were the Democratic Leadership Council. They backed Bill Clinton’s candidacy. And Bill Daley served as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff for a while until Obama fired him.

Obama didn’t say he was fired.

But he was.

So this weekend Billionaire Bill writes a column on why the huge crowds Bernie Sanders is drawing and Sanders’ climb in the polls means nothing.

Sanders can’t win, says Billionaire Bill.


Because his anti-one percenter message won’t work at the polls even if he is supported by the majority.

Does he know something we don’t?

It worked for Bush.


3 Replies to “Random thoughts. Billionaire Bill.”

  1. I thought you meant the one she was married too….he was comedy gold this morning and we got the usual unbiased reporting from the likes of Chris Cuomo…..Brernie’s non-response was a great response.

  2. Well this fits the latest from the private equity crowd( ie Rauners buddies) rapacious Billionaires

    Looks out below on our pension returns……also these outfits might not be disclosing their holdlings to public pension funds because …they claim FOIA or perhaps to hide bad investments……anyway the latest . Also good post on the trade deals here. Bernie ( or the Donald) can scarp them and Hillary admits it……He can do a lot with executive power. That is why all the phony outrage over Obamas very mild actions …….They fear a president who will actually use his power

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