CTU responds to yesterday’s massive cuts.

20333086633_e38299e134_o-772x485Photo: Catalyst

-From the Chicago Teachers Union

“The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has worked for more than a year seeking a serious contract offer from Chicago Public Schools. After just three weeks of negotiations, the district made an offer that relied on a reduction of more than 2,000 educators from the system, made no provision against subsequent ballooning class sizes and included nothing but the vaguest indicators of where new revenue would be found. More importantly, the terms of that offer would not have impacted the current school year or existing school budgets in any way, so we find CPS’ reduction in school budgets by $120 million unnecessary and completely retaliatory, and not at all evident of some urgent crisis in our schools.

“Now that the district has finally begun negotiating in earnest, the CTU will continue to work toward a contract that will address the daily challenges faced by both students and educators, and also address the long-term fiscal crisis that threatens to gut public education in the city of Chicago. The CTU also has requested a school-by-school breakdown of today’s budget adjustments to examine which communities are most impacted by the cuts, and whether attacks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his handpicked Chicago Board of Education will continue to be centered on low-income, African-American and Latino communities.”

The Sun-Times has the school-by-school dollar reductions, but not the cuts to school positions.

One Reply to “CTU responds to yesterday’s massive cuts.”

  1. I looked at the list of schools receiving cuts. I guess they decided to finally punish Troy LaRaviere at Blaine. CPS/Rahm – sneaky that way. I don’t think I saw any cuts for charter schools. This certainly cannot be right. Where are the charter school cuts? How about totally closing a few charters? That would save countless millions. CPS/Rahm have no shame.

    I looked at the cuts for a school I sub at once in a while. I ran through all the people working there. I cannot see a way to absorb their cut without closing at least one classroom. And in the middle of the year. CPS is a hateful place.

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