5 Replies to “Hey, my people.”

  1. By the time of the Illinois primary (in a month) we can rectify that demographic mistake, beginning with retiree teachers. We also need to renew our protests within both AFT and NEA over the early, undemocratic endorsement of Hillary Clinton by both national unions. Even those of us who can no longer walk a precinct easily (our demographic does that) can work in other ways, not only by donating to the Sanders campaign (which my family has already done a number of times), but by exposing the ritual abuses against “old people” by, for example, the medical and pharma industries. Every day, people young and old are dying or suffering because the USA alone in the “civilized world” refuses to have national health insurance. Instead of Super Bowl ads telling people not to brush their teeth with running water or warning about “Opiod induced constipation,” we should have seen ads featuring the young and old who are suffering because of America’s savage versions of “health care” (and I’m including Obamacare in that) for young and old.

  2. Maybe still afraid of the commies? I am in lower 50s and Soviet Union was scary for about 10 years then Gobachov and t was over. Wall Street has been scary and dangerous since Hillay deregulated them 18 or so years ago

  3. Time to start donations to Bernie if one hasn’t done so already. He’s our only hope to improve health care and stop the rigged economy that favors only those with money. I wonder if Hillary is taking donations from folks like the Koch Bros. I wonder if more gates are going up around the neighborhoods of the rich.

    When retirees have to FIGHT to keep the modest pensions (far from lavish!!) that they have earned, it is a sad day in America. It should be a wake-up call to everyone, especially us retired folks!!!

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