Random thoughts. Clinton’s defeat and Randi’s explanation.


Last night AFT Randi Weingarten had some explaining to do.

Both national teacher unions decided to make early no-strings endorsements of Hillary Clinton. For the second week in a row it looks like they bet on the wrong horse.

Last night in New Hampshire Sanders beat Hillary by more than 20%.

Weingarten ran to Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.36.36 PM

I posted this tweet on Facebook.

It was met with mocking and angry responses from many of my AFT friends.

Weingarten might just as well blame Clinton’s loss on Bernie’s lock on the socialist, secular Jewish voting bloc in New Hampshire.

Many of us questioned Randi’s claim that Bernie was hugely outspent in New Hampshire given that Clinton has raised millions from her friends in the donor class.

Randi commented back.

Fred-you’ll see the spending in NH…Bernie won big tonite-I still think is is the person who can get things done… One would have thought the Bernie supporters would be gracious in victory tonite:)

We may well see. But we don’t see it now. The claim of Clinton being hugely outspent is a claim without evidence.

Both unions endorsed Hillary based on two related arguments.

Her election was inevitable and we should be in at the beginning so that we can be at the table to influence her political positions.

Both justifications have been shown to be wrong.

Her nomination is not inevitable. It is very much in doubt.

And whatever turn towards progressive politics she might be making is in response to the power of the Sanders base – young and female – that is showing up in Iowa, New Hampshire and in the polls. Sanders is ahead, even or close in many national polls.

8 Replies to “Random thoughts. Clinton’s defeat and Randi’s explanation.”

  1. Bernie Sanders seems to harness all the disenfranchised who stayed away from the polls in previous elections. As pension plans and middle class fade, Bernie champions steering the dollars away from the rigged system. Hillary is followed by a cloud of Wall Street investments and folks like Rahm Emmanuel, Pat Quinn, and limousine liberals.

  2. Hillary was going to give her a seat at the kiddie table ….because her beloved wall street friends have the banquet table…………

  3. I like both candidates. But things will change with the upcoming primaries. Nate Silver, at fivethirtyeight.com, has Hillary winning most of the remaining primaries.

  4. Hillery can get things done even though a vast right wing conspiracy has been haunting her all these years? I didn’t catch if it was Hillery or the GOP or both that tried to say that unions were super-Pacs therefor Bernie has super-PAC money behind him but they seemed to have abandoned that tact.

  5. Fred, I too am frustrated when it comes to union endorsements. To say the least, I was very disappointed in our union leaders when it came to endorsing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders I know, for example when AFSCME endorsed Clinton, members such as myself were never asked for input Actually most of the rank-and-file union members (both female and male) I know are supporting Bernie Sanders

  6. We also lost the chance to have education issues come up in the debates. Testing, Common Core and charter schools haven’t been covered in the news either because the AFT and NEA endorsed prematurely.

    And how hypocritical is it that Randi’s tweet praises Hillary working for every vote when Randi delivered Hillary the AFT endorsement without any concessions at all.

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