She’s busy, but Randi still makes time for Hillary.

AFT President Randi Weingarten, a Facebook friend, commented on a post of mine supporting Bernie Sanders:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.35.41 PM

I’m not sure at the end of what day Randi is talking about.

I certainly understand how busy the AFT President must be, flying around the country, defending public education and stuff.

I would never expect someone of her stature to have time to do the back and forth with me.

She does seem to have time to constantly tweet and post on Facebook for Hillary in between her defending public education.

Here’s one just a few minutes ago.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.38.37 PM

9 Replies to “She’s busy, but Randi still makes time for Hillary.”

  1. But nearly all of the “vitriol” against Hillary *is* justified. I mean, no, not the nonsense about pantsuits or shouting or Vince Foster’s “suicide”. But all the corporatist/Wall Street/billionaire/war monger stuff. It troubles me that people like Randi aren’t troubled about that kind of stuff.

  2. What Randi says is not important in my world. I have my own mind, as do most other people. Bernie’s the guy. I’m too tired of Hill and Bill and the same old stuff. Not working for me. No matter what Randi says.

  3. Since Randy is checking innwith you can you remind her that CTU has crisis with Rahm and that we had 30 AFT members canned at WIU …..and all the AFT members could be out at CSU and EIU. Obama did ask us to play nice with each other or something…..Bernie said he had no use for Rahm…..Hillarious where are you?

  4. In absolute agreement with Barb. I dropped my membership in NEA and IEA because I was tired of leadership not listening to teachers. No one will tell me how to vote – and I’m a Bernie supporter – and Randi, of all people, is one of the last I’d ever listen to.

  5. The issue, in AFT as in NEA, is why our national unions decided to back Hillary months and months ago. Randi got the AFT Executive Council to vote to support Hillary. Nobody in Chicago was asked about that endorsement, or about all the time and money Randi has spent on the Hillary campaign since then.

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