7 Replies to “Ken Dunkin. Great moments in Illinois politics.”

  1. I voted for Obama twice. He has had to carefully walk through the many social and political mind fields that exist in today’s world. I’m glad that he called the Rep out as a “sell out”. But I have the same feeling about President Obama in that he pledged to have the GMO foods labeled if elected. It’s been almost 8 years, and he hasn’t touched the issue. I realize that the same cross-hairs that were pointed at Kennedy and Dr. King are pointed at him, as well. Monsanto is evil and deadly. They own their own group of highly trained killers and have plenty of money http://politicalblindspot.com/yes-monsanto-actually-did-buy-the-blackwater-mercenary-group/

    Why even get into politics, if you’re not going to speak out against the negative forces that are squeezing the blood, sweat, and tears out of the poor and middle class? If I ever have the opportunity to speak to Obama, I would love to ask him about his not confronting Monsanto and the GMO labeling issue that he originally pledged to address. I’ve already done so in snail mail letters, but haven’t received a response. Doubt if I ever will.

    A President has to have a strong back bone. The only candidate in the current field of people trying to get elected who appears to have that strong back bone is Bernie Sanders. If elected, I hope he doesn’t give in to the corporations and their greed.

  2. If I hear one more comment about how Bernie has changed Hillary and how Obama is now asserting himself for all, I will scream.
    Hillary, Lily and Randi are claiming how wonderful Hillary will be for teachers and schools.
    Obama promised to close Guantanamo when he ran for the presidency. I know he tried – according to him. Than nasty old Congress wouldn’t let him. His Commander-in-Chief signature to remove all members of the Armed Forces would have ended it all. Now he is bravely telling an Illinois politician to sit down because he will speak with him without cameras and an audience being present. Wow!
    As theater, it is cheap. As government, it is Theater of the Absurd.
    But, Hillary will do all she has promised Lily and Randy. Obama will insist or even call her into another room, later, maybe.

    1. EXACTLY what you say, Ken Previti–every single word.
      And let’s not forget about what Obama did to our public schools, student, parents, teachers–let us count thy ways–1. Arne Duncan; 2. RTT–“raising the bar,” testing, testing,testing–$$$$to Pearson; 3.Appointment of John King (!) in Arne’s place.
      And–BTW–read the USA Today article–(Wed., February 10)-front page Money Section–“Geithner Feels the Love from Bank He Bailed Out.” Yep, that would be Pres. Obama’s first Treasury Secretary, who’s “finally cashing in.”
      A must read

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