Random Thoughts. The Sun-Times turns on Rauner.


The Chicago Sun-Times blasted the Governor in an editorial this morning.

Many of the items in their long list of Rauner failures hit the nail on the head.

But the subtext is this: You’re doing this all wrong.

I do take some satisfaction in this falling out among thieves.

I recall that the Sun-Times broke with its policy of not making political endorsements for the single purpose of endorsing Bruce Rauner.

The Sun-Times publisher even fired its Springfield reporter, Dave Mckinney, just prior to the endorsement for writing a story exposing Rauner’s shady business dealings.

Fine. If the rats are deserting a sinking ship, let ’em jump.

Says the Sun-Times editors:

The fair assumption is that Rauner’s real motivation is to push the schools into bankruptcy to break the teachers’ union. If so, he will fail. But he is driving folks not entirely sympathetic to unions — folks such as Madigan — further into their corner.

If you’re going to go after the teachers union, don’t do it with tactics that actually build support for the teachers, for chrisakes.

Rauner’s polling numbers are sinking to Blago levels in a race to the bottom with his wine drinking pal, Mayor Rahm.

Yet there remains no budget deal and people are hurting and we have three more years of the governor the Sun-Times wanted.

Sorry is not enough.

7 Replies to “Random Thoughts. The Sun-Times turns on Rauner.”

  1. I agree, Fred, but it’s still heartwarming to see the Sun-Times and Crain’s, among others, try to tell the idiot that he’s not a CEO any more. Even my state rep, a staunch Republican, agrees he’s got to stop with the agenda and work with reality. Now, if only we had recall options. Is it time to talk impeachment? Or are incompetence and arrogance not impeachable offenses?

  2. Morgan Stanley will pay $3.2 billion in a settlement over bank practices that contributed to the 2008 financial crisis, including misrepresentations about the value of mortgage-backed securities, authorities announced Thursday.

    The nationwide settlement, negotiated by the working group appointed by President Barack Obama in 2012, says the bank acknowledges that it increased the acceptable risk levels for mortgage loans pooled and sold to investors without telling them. Loans with material defects were included, packaged into the securities and sold…Illinois will get $22.5 million in the settlements announced Thursday.

    I’d like to know where that $22.2 million is going to go? How does one find out?

  3. Hey Fred:

    Did you see HB 580 (ASCFME arbitration) is back? Perhaps the beginning of the end for Rauner’s war on unions…Wouldn’t that be nice?

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