The GOP moderate. His candidacy should terrify you.

John Kasich

-By Phil Arway. Phil is a retired Columbus Ohio high school teacher and life-long Irish freedom activist.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is the quintessential establishment Republican candidate for President. His six years as Governor of Ohio has taught him to balance his conservative philosophy with governing a “purple state.”  His candidacy should terrify the Democrats.

There is no question in my mind that he would easily carry Ohio for the Republicans in 2016 if they chose to nominate him. There is also no question in my mind that, short of a political lobotomy, the GOP will not pick Kasich.

But having said that, if they did, it would be virtually impossible to defeat him.  The New York Times endorsed Kasich because he seems the most moderate of the GOP candidates.

Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, though a distinct underdog, is the only plausible choice for Republicans tired of the extremism and inexperience on display in this race.

From our perspective in Ohio living with Kasich as governor for six years and a ten term member of Congress from central Ohio, we know he is a conservative, but he also came from an ethnic (Slovak-Croatian) working-class family.

 While in Congress, Kasich (a super-hawk) had no problem working with Ron Dellums (D-Oakland Ca) to eliminate the B-2 bomber. Kasich also worked with Ralph Nader to eliminate corporate tax loopholes. He received an F rating from the NRA at least one of the years he was in Congress.

He is not the run-of-the-mill Republican. The NRA endorsed incumbent-Democrat Ted Strickland in the 2010 Ohio Gubernatorial election over Kasich.

Kasich won governorship and promptly overreached. He attempted to pass a controversial anti-Union smorgasbord called SB5. It outlawed collective bargaining and strikes by teachers, nurses, firefighters and police. Kasich won 1,880,000 votes in his race for governor was slapped down the following year when 2,200,000 Ohioans voted against Issue2 and repealed the antiunion SB5  law.  Nurses, teachers, police, firefighters joined forces and with the support of all organized labor (from the IWW to AFL-CIO), Ohio did what Wisconsin failed to do!  They put the anti-union crowd in their place! Kasich backed away from the anti-union campaigns (including Right-to-Work) after the Issue 2/SB5 fiasco. When faced with the deadline for implementing Medicaid expansion (The Affordable Care Act) and failing to get his Republican leadership in the legislature to go along, Kasich tripled the size of the Ohio Medicaid program through Executive Order.

When asked about Right-to-Work, “We don’t have any disruptive labor situations” in Ohio, so a push for right-to-work isn’t necessary he told a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter.

NO Republican has EVER been elected President without Ohio. The only Democrats ever to win without Ohio were Kennedy in 1960, FDR in 1944 and Grover Cleveland.


7 Replies to “The GOP moderate. His candidacy should terrify you.”

  1. I’ve been reading Facebook posts about him from Ohioans. He decertified unions and cut public employees compensation by 20%. He cut the public education budget but handed over the savings to charters. He opened up the state to toxic dumping fouling Lake Erie at Cincinati. These are just a few I recall. There were more…and worse inflictions upon the people of Ohio.

  2. I think there may have been pension theft too. I fear the Donald might pick him bas VP. Sanders could counter and pick Sherrod Brown. I think the Donald would beat Hillary in Ohio. He is going to wrap her in NAFTA and pin her for China …Tpp…She is the one with electability. She could beat Cruz but I think Trump would beat her. Bernie wins Ohio and wins the White House

    1. Dear Question, No, not in Illinois. Rauner vetoed the budget and deliberately caused a slow motion train wreck
      of state finances.
      I don’t know about Ohio. I have heard there is no protection from pension theft in Ohio.

      1. Thank you for your response. But, if it is BALANCED can he? I think the reason he gave was the one presented was NOT.

  3. Illinois governors do not have to approve a budget. They can veto all or part of a budget. They can also do an “amendatory veto” which makes changes. The legislature can override the governor with enough votes, which they don’t have at this time.

  4. Kasich’s a “moderate” according to the New York Times??? Since when? Twenty years ago, like Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Kasich was one of Gingrich’s henchmen for whom I developed a visceral loathing. He was a right-wing extremist then as he is now. The astounding thing is that he appears today as some kind of a “moderate” in comparison to the rest of the Republican gaggle of presidential contenders. Gag me!!! I have a long memory.

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