NEA/IEA is late closing that barn door.

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I got this email survey from the NEA/IEA today.

They are seeking my preferences in the presidential election.

Since they have already made an early, no-strings endorsement of Hillary Clinton I am thinking they don’t want to know the membership views so as to guide their decision-making.

But rather to see how they’re doing.

I don’t think they would be asking if things were going great.

My surveys suggest not well.

6 Replies to “NEA/IEA is late closing that barn door.”

  1. When I received this insult-added-to-injury, I nearly vomited. If I could have projectile vomited on Lily, I would have. When Lily openly promised at the Network for Public Education Conference to take no money from Bill Gates or his foundation then reversed her decision in a members’ press release, I lost all trust in her integrity. The crowd in attendance at the conference cheered her decision as she beamed big smiles back to them. She did not show her face when she admitted to her lie.
    Weeks later, Lily endorsed Hillary then told us that our membership was surveyed about the endorsement of Hillary. I know of no one who was surveyed.
    Now this!
    Rah-rah doesn’t make a leader. Making official decisions based on the advice of members makes for good leadership. Lily and Hillary are up to something. What?
    I don’t know, but I will not trust what Lily has to say about the input from the survey asking about a decision that was already made.

  2. Thanks for alerting us, Fred, I hope EVERY IEA member received the survey (not just a “random sample”)–& responded. Not that I am trustful (of course, I am not), but I did answer the survey, as I am VERY sure (that’s how the voting response was worded) that I am voting for Sen. Sanders, & I hope all of you who are respond, as well. Otherwise, we’ll definitely be counted out, & what I DON’T want to see/hear is that IEA members overwhelmingly support HRC (although that might happen anyway–who tallies & reports the results?!) My thought, anyway, is that we are being asked prior to the Illinois Primary, in case the IEA leadership wants to tell the media & voters beforehand that IEA members “overwhemingly support HRC.” If it would so happen that we, the rank-&-file, are found to be majority Bernie supporters, do we think that that would be reported? (Rhetorical question, but I’ll say hell, no!)
    And what if many members vote Republican, & for Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Carson or Bush (did I get them all?)? Just kidding, here.
    But the aforementioned Democratic observations are not funny…haven’t been since at least 2012, if not earlier.
    Bernie 2016! (& BTW–not just the young people support the senator–we have Seniors for Sanders & Boomers for Bernie–all you IEA-R, IFT-R & IRTA people come join us!)

  3. BTW–please note, all, that it didn’t come from the NEA…just the IEA (that’s why I tend to think they’re going to use the info, they receive before the Illinois primary, as I’d mentioned above (that is, if it comes out pro-Hill).

    1. Are you saying the NEA doesn’t have their hands in something dealing with the union’s presidential endorsement? Not likely. There’s just no way a survey like this is “just the IEA.”

      1. I see your point (as the NEA would want to use this info., as well–or not, if the majority of the rank-&-file support Bernie), so I’d have to agree with you here! (But I was also wondering if the IEA was intending to present evidence of our “overwhelming support” {would be their words, not mine} for her when she comes to Chicago this week.)
        Bernie 2016!

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