8 Replies to “CPS CEO Clayfool: Parents are not welcome in my schools.”

  1. So in your utopia Fred anyone should be able to walk into a school adn wander the building as they want.
    Yup, we are in it for the kids. We want them to learn. What, I’m not to sure.
    As an executive Fred (there’s a laugh) what woudl you do in this situation? Except of course giving ion to all demands. I know, let them all in and sit around and sing Kumbia all day. Another day of learniong at CPS.
    Business as usual at CPS, trying to protect the kids from nut-jobs.

    1. Do you have an objection to property owners being able to access their own buildings? Or is there something about the word “public” in “public schools” you don’t understand?

    2. Where does anyone say anything about wandering “the building as they want”? This sign of support is going to be done BEFORE school begins for the day. BTW Anonymous, you really need to proof read before you click post comment.

    3. Actually the walk-ins are before the instructional day begins. Parents are encouraged to walk in with their children not wander the building. There is an order to entry. The only “nut jobs” are people like Claypool and you spreading fear in an effort to stop a peaceful opening to the school day.

  2. Poor anonymous. Cannot even find spell check on his/her keyboard.

    Now, I really would like to know what the planned response of the clayfools will be tomorrow. A walk-in is a peaceful action. These are interested stakeholders discussing the facts. Obviously, no one at CPS wants the facts to emerge.

    Perhaps the walk-in folks will be tazed 16 times. I’m sure anon would cheer for that action.

  3. Where, from this message, do you interpret that parents are not welcome? I’l reading paragraph 5, which says:

    “Parents are always welcome in our schools, because we know that your involvement in your child’s education is critical to their success. This is why we want you to be aware of the potential for actions outside of your school tomorrow morning — and that CPS has planned a response. The safeyu of our students is always top priority, and CPS Safety and Security will work with each school to assess individual situations as they arise.”

    That sounds a whole lot like, well, “Parents are always welcome in our schools” to me.

    1. “Where, from this message, do you interpret that parents are not welcome?”
      Did you read the entire message?
      How about this part:
      “In some cases this may mean LIMITING ACCESS TO THE SCHOOLS in the morning.”

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