Random Thoughts. SCOTUS appointment puts Kirk and NEA/IEA on the hot seat.


The sudden death of Antonin Scalia and the fight over his replacement has put Illinois Senator Mark Kirk on the hot seat.

Kirk, a north shore Republican, has always tried to pass as a moderate.

That only works because the Rush Limbaugh wing of the GOP gets most of the news coverage.

In reality, he is a true blue right-winger.

Kirk has not yet said whether he will follow the law and vote to allow President Obama to pick the Scalia replacement.

It will be a hot issue for Kirk since he is up for re-election and is considered the most vulnerable Republican senator.

It was just a month ago that my union, the NEA and the IEA, gave Kirk an A grade, primarily because he voted for ESSA authorization.

The IEA has endorsed Kirk ever since he was a congressman.

This is the problem with our union’s grades and endorsements. They are made with blinders on, ignoring all but the most narrow of what the leadership calls education issues.

It is not a social justice orientation to politics.

With the Supreme Court in the balance, Kirk’s vote yet unknown and public employee union rights among many issues that will be determined by a future Supreme Court, teacher union chickens have come home to roost.

3 Replies to “Random Thoughts. SCOTUS appointment puts Kirk and NEA/IEA on the hot seat.”

  1. Good piece about Kirk, Fred.  This really puts him front and center.  I believe “Sainted” Ronald Reagan once in a similar position as Obama, went ahead and got his candidate elected to the Supreme Court.Mary Richie

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