NEA/IEA go bird dogging for Hillary.

That survey NEA members may be receiving in their email?

The one you didn’t get before the NEA made their early, no-strings endorsement of Hillary?

It isn’t for the purpose of getting membership guidance or direction.

They were bird dogging for Hillary.

If you are an old precinct worker like me then you know what bird dogging is. One person goes knocking on doors to find out who your voters are. That’s bird dogging. And then on election day (or sooner now that we have early voting) you make sure your identified voters get to the polls.

From IEA Government Relations Director Jim Reed:

From: Reed, Jim  

Subject: NEA Member survey

We want to let you know that an NEA Member survey regarding the presidential primary election will be going out in the next day or two.  

In an effort to ID IL members on their presidential preference, NEA is using Qualtrics to do short email surveys to members. NEA did several tests in early primary states with members and had really strong response results and figured out the best practices for using these.

The email survey has 4 questions and branded with IEA’s logo (you have to answer each question before seeing the next). This would be emailed to members and all data received back would be posted back and shared with you via VAN.  The email addresses used will be personal emails and not school emails.

 Jim Reed, Jr.

Director of Government Relations

The survey asks who you were going to vote for in the Democratic Primary and how sure are you about it.

Trust me. They were not just interested. They wanted to identify Hillary voters and concentrate on getting them out to vote.

I said I was certain that I was going to vote for Bernie.

I probably won’t be hearing from the IEA again until after the primary.

There is nothing illegal or wrong about this.

It is just that they never asked us before they endorsed.

3 Replies to “NEA/IEA go bird dogging for Hillary.”

  1. “There is nothing illegal or wrong about this.”

    Well, illegal, no. But endorsing first and surveying later seems a bit wrong to me. I’m not a teacher so, of course, not an NEA member. But if I were, I’d be tempted to tell them I’m certain I’m voting for Trump.

  2. Great post Fred. I too indicated I was sure I was voting for Bernie in the primary.

    I used to get a ton of emails for Hillary some time back. I tried all kinds of ways to unsubscribe from them. Finally I just told them I was putting all their emails in “junk.” After a time they all stopped coming. They were Corporatists United. Pat Herrmann

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