The Sun-Times outraged that the CTU has $9 million. That wouldn’t buy Bruce Rauner’s condo on New York’s Park Avenue.


A condo on New York’s Park Avenue. Governor Rauner bought his for $10 million.

Oh, good Lord.

Another scoop from the Sun-Times about how much money the Chicago Teachers Union has.

New rule: Corporations are people and can donate all the money they want to buy politicians.  But teachers must be beggars and can’t spend a dime on political campaigns or on lawyers to defend their contract, pension and political rights.

According to its most recent filings with the Internal Revenue Service, the union had $9.8 million in cash on hand at the end of the 2013-14 school year.

Eight CTU employees, including Lewis, were paid more than $100,000 that year.

$9.8 million?

That is so little in reserve to do battle with the billionaires in this state – against the resources of the Mayor and Governor and their Wall Street friends.

$9.8 million wouldn’t be enough to buy the houses Governor Rauner owns. The one he bought on New York’s Park Avenue cost him $10 million alone.

And are we supposed to be shocked that out of the entire CTU, it has eight employees who make more than $100 K.

Given the role that the CTU has played as a bulwark against the anti-union, privatization schemes of the city and state Republican and Democratic Party leadership, I’m amazed they have done so much with so little.

9 Replies to “The Sun-Times outraged that the CTU has $9 million. That wouldn’t buy Bruce Rauner’s condo on New York’s Park Avenue.”

  1. Yes Fred Rauner et al DOES want public employees to be beggers. I assume that his plan all along: reduce funding to nothing causing closings, firings , and bankruptcy so then he and his “managers” ala Michigan can come in, take over, break union contracts and make public services beg for the money they’re owed. Aren’t we blues to that now?

  2. The Sun-Times should be embarrassed. I suppose that they envisioned this as a “hit” piece – but who exactly is the intended “offended” audience? CPS Parents? CTU Teachers? The larger Chicago community? It seems like they put their eggs into a very shallow basket. CTU uses a law firm to defend its members and this is evidence of malfeasance? Karen Lewis makes a little over $200K from TWO jobs – both of which eat up a significant amount of time and energy and THAT is supposed to get people upset? Jesse Sharkey makes about the same amount of money as I do and I guarantee that he works significantly harder/longer hours than I do. If this is the best that they can dig up, perhaps we’ll be treated to yet another story about how Lewis owns some vacation property…

  3. The Sun-Times should suggest that money management is a sign of good management. How many CPS staff exceed $100,000 and what do they do?

  4. Comment poofed…. But this article says CTU can manage money and is public about expenditures. CPS is NOT! How many CPS staffers make $100,000 or more… And do what???

  5. Only 8 members of CTU make over $100K …. there SHOULD be many more than that. Long time teachers in the collar counties certainly do (and should).

  6. Where is the Sun Times outrage over the huge salaries downtown at CPS ? Did they mention Forrest’s two friends he brought in at over $200,000 for both just so that they can tell him who to fire to save money???

    Teachers in collar counties do make over $100,000 while teachers in Chicago who have more students, more workplace stresses and fewer resources have fallen far behind. The CTU should pay top staffers what they are worth, modeling what should be happening for the CPS teachers they represent. I don’t hear one negative word about Karen’s or Jesse’s salaries from teachers (since CTU finances are public knowledge, unlike finances at CPS). And that is all that counts.

    The Sun Times, which used to support working folks, is just a slighter version of the Tribune now. Both papers, so far to the right, are irrelevant to most people nowadays.

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