6 Replies to “Walls.”

  1. Don’t forget the Berlin Wall. Many Germans were killed trying to escape West Berlin.

    The most horrible of walls eventually come down, but not before many have suffered. It would be a horrible mistake to build a Mexican wall. This is waste of money that could be used to help people.

    There is way too much fear being encouraged by the Republicans candidates running for the Presidency. That fear is spread by Fox and hate radio such as Rush L.

  2. Berlin wall was to keep East Germans in East Germany
    I saw it but I the Germans who murdered my grandmother reaped what they have sown. Obama is deporting a bunch of central Americans that face death at the hands of gangs that have taken over their countries in part because of the failed drug war. Israel is yet a different siuation.

  3. I totally agree with not building walls, but building bridges. I also believe in practicing what you preach…
    Isn’t the Vatican surrounded by a wall?

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