Sunday posts, pics and tweets.


Protesting CPD brutality. February 19, 2016. Photo: Frank James Johnson

Before the rise of 401(k)s, participation in traditional employer-provided retirement plans was nearly equal. This week’s Economic Snapshot shows how 401(k)s—which overtook pensions as the primary private-sector retirement program in the early 1990s—left black workers behind. The move from pensions to 401(k)s has widened the retirement gap between blacks and whites and reflects overall racial wealth inequality. White families had nearly five times as much retirement wealth in 2013 as black families.





But strip away Rubio’s rags-to-presidential contender biography, and his candidacy has more than a little in common with Romney’s — from policy platforms that are largely in sync to a brain trust that boasts a number of the same key figures. When it comes to the substance of what he’d try to do in the job, at least, Rubio is not promising a sharp break from the last establishment favorite the party put forward. Politico



The poster, rendered in black and gray with a hint of red shows, a school bus disappearing into a dark plume of storm clouds, leaving bloody trails on the road behind it. A second poster depicts a charcoal-drawn skull on burnt notebook paper. Yet another has words etched into sand on a beach, the message as ephemeral as the wind that will blow it away: “Where are the Ayotzinapa students?”


Making John King Duncan’s successor was a slap in the face to working teachers. It’s very disappointing neither Eskelson Garcia nor Weingarten would come right out and say so. Of course, they’re both busy campaigning for Hillary Clinton, who has promised to close any school that isn’t “above average.”

King would have us entirely forget his own tenure in New York and make believe we trust him. I certainly hope we aren’t stupid enough to fall for that. NYC Educator



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