Randi Weingarten: Labor is united in support of Clinton.

Photo by Jocelyn Augustino©2004

NEA President Eskelsen Garcia. Buyer’s remorse?

AFT President Randi Weingarten thinks political election campaigns are like differences in her union.

It’s works like her vision of democracy.

All she has to do is declare it so and that’s the way is.

So she tell’s the New York Times that all labor union members support Hillary. There is no other opinion. And it is so. Facts don’t get in the way.

In an effort to dispute what they say is a false narrative that union voters are closely split between Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Hillary Clinton, a group of more than 20 unions representing more than 10 million workers is releasing a statement on Monday reaffirming support for Mrs. Clinton.

“Secretary Clinton has proven herself as the fighter and champion working people and their families need in the White House,” the statement says. “That is why, of all unions endorsing a candidate in the Democratic primary, the vast majority of the membership in these unions has endorsed her.”

Leading the charge for Hillary among labor union leaders is the AFT President.

“Because there’s now a story where there should not have been one — certain people in the Bernie camp wanted to take advantage of it — the unions that endorsed Hillary want to make really clear to people that we are incredibly supportive of her.”

How dare the news report a story without Randi’s approval.

Even if it’s true.

It is obvious that the union leadership that supports Hillary would not feel the need to issue a statement like this if they were feeling comfortable.

Saturday’s Nevada Democratic Party caucus voters were split between Sanders and Clinton in heavily unionized Las Vegas with Clinton squeezing out a win.

The AFL-CIO is hedging their bets and has decided to stay neutral. Their neutrality contrasts with the NEA and the AFT making early primary endorsements with no demands made of the Clinton campaign or strings attached.

What I find interesting is that the NEA and its President, Lily Eskelson Garcia have been relatively silent about the presidential race since declaring their early support for Clinton.

Her name does not appear in the New York Times article.

There was a lot of unhappiness among the rank and file when the NEA and AFT early endorsement was made.

Not only is labor divided, maybe Lily has buyer’s remorse.

13 Replies to “Randi Weingarten: Labor is united in support of Clinton.”

  1. AFT and NEA are members of the AFL-CIO, AFL-CIO will likely endorse when they are ready. So, local’s can always endorse their own candidate. Why are we in lock step? Still Unity in Unions, and our GOTV campaign, we organize and yet individually vote for a candidate. The union message is to participate!

  2. As a union member, I am still mad that all these folks ignored the Madison Wisconsin recall effort! Collective bargaining was at stake.

    I sent my check to Bernie……I remain fed up with bought off centrist Democrats!

    And I have to wonder if Trump’s appeal is a result of obstructionist Republicans. Folks, even Republican folks, are tired of the games. Although they are supporting a game show host!

    Shocked to hear Scalia was at a 5 star resort for free.
    Quid Pro Quo!

    1. I, too have also been supporting Bernie As a retired member of AFSCME I along with other retired members of AFSCME were never asked for our input concerning endorsements And as you probably know, AFSCME endorsed Clinton So much for the democratic process!

  3. Yup, no liberal judge ever took benefit.
    Like him or hate him at least Sanders seems to stick to his ideals, as warped as they are. He’s right on the problems, but woefully short on solutions.
    Ms. Clinton, let’s see now- ethically challenged, morally flexible and politically ambidextrous.
    She bitches about ceo pay at 300x workers pay, but one speech of hers is worth more than average ceo pay. Obviously a good union candidate in it for the little people.
    Trump just needs a red nose and size 40 shoes to complete the outfit.
    Just great choices.

    1. Sanders has plenty of solutions. Just that people like you dismiss them all as pie in the sky, even though those “socialists” in Europe (and even a number of “third world” countries) have them. No we can’t!

  4. Watch a Trump speech it’s full of specifics that is music of you are in manufacturing. Yesterday he said he will bring apple jobs back from China .Carrier will face a 35percent tax …a tariff on its air conditioners. He wants tv production back but not Sony because they aren’t good anymore right again Donald…….He will trash TOP and on trashing these non treaty trade deals especially Pntr …….Trump will beat Hillary in Ohio and maybe Michigan. It won’t be a blowout but she cannot win key Midwest states with her trade record. Brnie can. She will win Illinois but our gov will help her there. BTW his top aide went to kasich. As Fred said watch that guy.I suspect Trump will consider him as vp.

  5. I could not believe it when Trump said he wanted local control over schools an no common core sound. I think they hate him because he exposes the whole party as races based and he is too moderate on issues. That ecomes clear wen you are Darin Lhood R teabag and rainers guy to kasich. I think Van Jones was right that Trump will pivot to go after African Americans.

  6. Waiting to hear the results of that e-mailed survey sent out to IEA members last week (you know, the one where they asked us who we would vote for in the presidential race, & how “sure” we were)?

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