Senior moments. You don’t own me.

CORE is the caucus representing rank-and-file educators within the Chicago Teachers Union, although anyone can join.

First. Good on them for endorsing Sanders last week, even though the CTU’s parent union, the AFT, was among first to jump on the Clinton campaign bus.

In spite of AFT President Randi Weingarten’s groupie-like non-stop tweets for Clinton and the AFT endorsement of Hillary Clinton, it is no way binding on AFT members.

And it is certainly not binding on a caucus like CORE.

I am an NEA Retired member. The NEA’s leadership and political action committee has also recommended Hillary Clinton. Their endorsement is not binding on me or any member of the NEA. I vote as I please for who I please and sometimes not at all.  There are many, many Bernie supporters among the rank and file of the NEA and the AFT.

Former IEA President Bob Haisman is the official go-to retiree for the IEA Retired’s Clinton campaign efforts. Even he recognizes that the NEA endorsement of Clinton is not supported by many in the IEA Retired.

His letter asking for retired volunteers reads almost defensive.

“We know that this information might be received with some disagreement. We feel the best way to handle this controversy is straight on. Members need to know that the NEA and The IEA have procedures for Presidential Recommendations. There is a rigorous process for recommendation of a candidate for President.  ALL of those procedures were followed. The support for the Hillary Clinton recommendation was overwhelming.” 

The procedures may have been followed, but the first time most NEA Retired and active members read about the endorsement of Clinton was in the newspaper post facto.

Most union recommendations are a good thing if they are for the person I support and don’t matter if they are for the person I oppose. I assume that is true for you as well.

And I suppose they help a candidate with the undecided voter.

But no way are they binding on a member.

Take the CTU’s endorsement in the 40th state representative district in Illinois. The CTU recommends the incumbent who is a Democratic Machine hack. Why the CTU is endorsing him is a mystery to me. No way am I supporting that guy.

I’m supporting Harish I Patel in that race.

On the other hand, the CTU is supporting Kim Foxx for States Attorney and Jay Travis for State Rep in the 26th district. Those are two good choices.

The AFT and NEA endorsement of Clinton was made too early with no membership input. The leadership made no demands upon Clinton in return for the endorsement and was based more on a mistaken assumption of her inevitable election instead of her history or policies.

The lie that union dues money is being spent on Clinton and other candidates is one that is being spread by union-bashers to justify ending agency fees and Fair Share.

Raising money for political activity comes from voluntary membership contributions to union PACs. Not from dues. Nobody is required to give a dime to a union PAC.

There have been exceptions. But in general, I don’t contribute to the state union PAC called IPACE. I make individual donations to individual candidates. That is a way of showing my disapproval when the IEA’s IPACE gives to people like former Illinois state ALEC chair Kirk Dillard or to U.S. Senator Mark Kirk.


9 Replies to “Senior moments. You don’t own me.”

  1. Fred-Please write about your reasons for thinking that Kim Foxx is the best candidate for states atty. I see/feel many negatives (not being truthful about her legal background, using prayer in her ads-slippery slope there, money from Preckwinkle not reported, etc.) about her but I can not see any good alternative either. I am interested in what you think about her and why. Thanks.

    1. My support for Kim Foxx centers on the need to remove Anita Alvarez who refused to resign in the follow up to the Laquan McDonald killing and failure of the States Attorney’s office to do anything for over a year.

      1. J.R.–You make an excellent point. This is why opponents run negative ads–hope people (unlike yourself) will just take all the bad-mouthing at face value, believe it, & vote for the other candidate.
        Also, in general, the mainstream media* is unhelpful in most every way, except the corporate way (why, for example, did CNN run a DNC Town Hall on the same night as the GOP voting? I missed the T.H., & they were supposed to re-run it, but spent the rest of the night/morning blabbering about the GOP results). Did Bernie at least get to be on last/have the last word this time?
        *Except that today, the Sun-Times endorsed Foxx.

      2. Thanks, JR. This helps. It wasn’t the neg. ads that worried me. It was the sound bites on the news and articles in the papers. Also, Preckwinkle’s sullen response to questioning about her donation to the Foxx campaign on WTTW. But I will listen to KH on the link you provided. Thanks again.

  2. Well said Fred. AFL is not endorsing because perhaps they realize she is not the strongest candidate and she has sold out union workers on Pntr with China …..and so on. Van Jones is one of the few pundits getting it…..the elites have failed the country is pissed and it doesnt want the same old or Kochters like Rauner…..I hope the road is the bright change Bernie wants not the dark path the Donald appears to want to take.

  3. Thanks, Fred. As usual in these primaries, and in elections as well, it is often voting against one candidate instead of voting for another. This is what happened with Rauner. He was only “elected” because of working people’s disgust with Pat Quinn. The choices we have are often so frustrating. But you are right about Alvarez. She needs to go. So Foxx it will probably be.

  4. Bernie will be at Chicago State University tomorrow. Doors open at 6 PM. Many of you probably know that Rauner is considering closing up CSU in an effort to save the state some money. So Rahm’s closing the libraries and the mental health facilities, and now his wine drinking buddy, Rauner, is closing our South Side University.

  5. Yes (Bob), & I’m still waiting to hear the (actual) results of the IEA poll as to our presidential preference that went out to members (& Fred posted about) last week? My guess is that, overwhelmingly, rank-&-file member respondents chose Bernie Sanders, so that’s why we’re not hearing anything. (However, I must say, that if the leadership reported larger numbers for Hillary, I would have a San Francisco bridge to sell you…)
    Also, don’t remember if it was this survey or another I took, but was asked who I’d like to see as V.P. Didn’t know, at the time, but am thinking Elizabeth Warren or Robert Reich.
    Finally, huge crowd expected at CSU (weather supposed to clear), so first
    come, first served, but the Bernie people are asking for RSVPs–go to Also, we expect to have “Boomers for Bernie” & “Seniors for Sanders” signs available (to show that we “older” people/women, esp.{we’re not chasing any “boys,” Gloria Steinem, &, remember, you campaigned for Bernie & made him an honorary woman!} are in STRONG support of Bernie, DESPITE what the media has been saying). Oh, & in Nevada? I have a senior cousin who’s been ill, & said that LOTS of Nevada seniors would have been happy to vote, but that caucusing was just too hard/tiring for many of her peers, but that they would vote for him should he be the nominee.
    Bernie 2016!

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