21 new charter proposals to CPS doesn’t sound like there’s a cap to me.


Graphic: Catalyst

The contract offer from CPS to the Chicago Teachers Union included a cap on charter schools.

One of the reasons I heard for rejecting the offer by the CTU’s Big Bargaining Committee was that the offer to cap charters was an empty one so long as the state’s Charter Commission could overrule the CPS board.

The skeptics on the CTU bargaining team were found to have cause yesterday as CPS received proposals for 21 new privately operated charter schools from 16 charter operators, including Noble and Kipp.

Reported the Sun-Times:

CPS publicized the letters right before February’s Board of Education meeting, during which the appointed seven members officially closed schools with enrollments that were already cleared out: Moses Montefiore Special Education School and the original Marine Math and Science Academy High School.

Wrote Catalyst:

The number of anticipated requests was somewhat surprising because some charter operators had, in recent days, expressed hesitation about filing to open new schools during a politically tumultuous time, and even feared looking greedy or opportunistic.

Apparently they got over their fears.

At Wednesday’s CPS board meeting parents also questioned the decision to proceed with the costly selective admission Obama Prep in light of enrollment figures and budget woes.


4 Replies to “21 new charter proposals to CPS doesn’t sound like there’s a cap to me.”

    1. Some charters do well. My objection is that they are being used to systematically undermine neighborhood public schools and teacher unions. They have become part of a strategy of privatizing what is held in common by the people. Neighborhood public schools do well when they are adequately funded and supported.

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