The fight for Chicago’s 10th Ward isn’t over.


Bernie and Sue.

If you’re looking for old-style, rough-and-tumble Chicago politics, get on the Skyway and head for the 10th ward.

That is where Sue Sadlowski Garza beat Alderman John Pope last year in an election that had all the drama you would expect when a Machine alderman gets challenged by progressive community and a teacher union activist.

However, in the 10th ward the politically dead don’t stay dead.

On March 15 there will be an election for Democratic Committeeman.

Sue is running for that position to further consolidate progressive politics on the East Side.

The Machine is running for the same spot.

Note: John Pope still calls himself the alderman.

The Committeeman’s race is the first step in the Machine’s efforts to recapture the 10th Ward.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 7.51.26 AM

To help Sue Garza fight for her 10th ward:

1) Sign up to volunteer on election day:

2) Attend Sue’s fundraiser on March 4th:…/page/feelthebern10thward

3) Make a $3 donation:

4) Share this post!


5 Replies to “The fight for Chicago’s 10th Ward isn’t over.”

  1. OY!
    Fred, this is a bit off-subject, but when SB 1 (Pension Bill) was passed, you posted the votes/names of all members of the G.A., so we’d remember how they voted. Since elections are coming up, could you re-post those earlier posts? (I know people could go to the government voting website, but this could be difficult for some, esp. any number of retirees who might not normally use {or even have one} the computer, but do read your blog –I know a # of them who go to the library to do so!) Thanks in advance!

      1. Why thanks, or why am I asking? (I’m asking for the reasons I stated above.)
        Also, when you’d originally run those posts, you’d also written that you’d re-run them (I believe you wrote that when it was election time again), so we’d never forget how our legislators voted. I certainly didn’t forget how my legislators voted (in fact, neither did my IEA/IPACE neighbors who didn’t endorse them at the meetings), but some retired colleagues asked me to ask you! .

      2. Why would I post the votes of House members who voted yes or no on SB1 three years ago, after the court ruled it unconstitutional and after many of said they would not vote for an unconstitutional solution to the pension problem again? If people want to go back and vote on that basis now, they can search my blog or Google it. Never forgetting is not the same as putting that vote front and center for every election that follows. I voted at the IPACE endorsement hearings against any endorsement two years ago of any representative who voted for SB1. I argued for that policy on this blog. I was very public (and caught a lot of hell) about refusing to vote for Governor Quinn on the basis of his support for that bill. But I would not take that position going forward and would not suggest that you or others take that position going forward. There are many more pressing issues, including pension issues, that need our attention. And I would encourage you to tell your retired colleagues not to use a bad vote on pensions three years ago as a litmus test for all future elections.

  2. And let’s not forget that during his time as 10th Ward Alderman, the Mayor left Pope’s position in City Hall vacant (a six-figure salary mind) and promptly slotted him back in once he lost the 10th Ward Alderman election. If this were the private sector and a role was vacant, this is what would happen: If deemed “essential,” a replacement would be found immediately. If “non-essential,” the responsibilities would be divided and allocated to other staff, and the role would disappear (thus saving the City said dollars of salary, which is rather a necessity in this time of scarce resources). Nowhere would a vacancy remain open for years. Nowhere.

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