Keeping retirement weird. Puzzles and games about the union Clinton endorsement.


Former IEA President Bob Haisman sent me two letters this week. One came forwarded by IEA Retired Chair, Janet Kilgus. The other was printed in the IEA Retired, an online newsletter for IEA Retired members.

I resigned my position from the editorial committee of the IEA Insider last year after IEA Communications Director Charles McBarron refused to link any of the articles that were taken from this blog to this blog.

The two letters from Haisman were similar as straightforward messages to IEA retirees supporting the NEA’s endorsed candidate for President, Hillary Clinton.

I found this helpful since the NEA and President Lily Eskelsen Garcia have been quite silent about their early endorsement of Clinton, almost as if there was buyer’s remorse. AFT President Randi Weingarten has reduced herself to fan-tweets.

The only significant difference between the two Haisman letters is that the first one admitted that IEA retirees are not united on the Hillary Clinton endorsement and choice.

We know that this information might be received with some disagreement. We feel the best way to handle this controversy is straight on. Members need to know that the NEA and The IEA have procedures for Presidential Recommendations. There is a rigorous process for recommendation of a candidate for President.  ALL of those procedures were followed. The support for the Hillary Clinton recommendation was overwhelming.  

I found this admission to be a refreshing change for the IEA. Haisman acknowledged there was a continuing debate. Many IEA Retired members support Sanders.

Leadership is not normally happy with debate. Haisman is a character in the organization long famous for accusing rank and file of being anti-union if they disagree with leadership decisions.

The copy of Haisman’s letter in IEA Retired* dropped any mention that there was disagreement about the Clinton endorsement within our IEA Retired.

I played a little game with Haisman’s letter. Wherever he wrote Hillary Clinton’s name, I replaced it with Bernie Sanders’ name. You can play this game too. If you accept the proposition that all the statements about Clinton in Haisman’s letters are true  (which I don’t), with the exception of references about the candidades gender and Clinton’s job resume,  the statements in the letter remain true for Sanders as well.

So Haisman’s letter does nothing to solve the puzzle: Why the early, no-strings endorsement of Hillary Clinton?

Bob. Since your letter works with either name, please share what was the real reason for this endorsement?


*Bob Haisman, former IEA President talks about the IEA and NEA endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President.

Dear Retired Colleagues, The Illinois Education Association (IEA) and The National Education Association (NEA) are supporting Hillary Clinton for President in the March 15th Illinois Presidential Primary.

Last week I attended a workshop called “Member Voices,” put on by the NEA Government Relations Staff. It centered on educators finding their “political voice” and not shying away from speaking their minds about who they believe is the best candidate for president when it came to America’s school children, public schools and America’s public school teachers.

I hope you don’t mind if I use my voice for a moment to talk about the coming election. Hillary Clinton gets it.

As a lifelong advocate for all children, she understands the historic importance of public schools.

She’s fought for the rights of women and children since she graduated from law school and went to work for Mary Wright Edelman’s Children’s Defense Fund. Hillary Clinton supports the rights of teachers, including the right to collective bargaining, and favors more and equitable funding for schools. She wants positive changes made to public education achieved by working in collaboration with educators.

It is appropriate that the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia has re-focused our attention on the Supreme Court. Many cases that affect our Association’s future, woman rights, individual rights and voters’ rights, are expected to be heard in the next two years.

NEA and IEA strongly believe that, as president, Hillary Clinton will choose Supreme Court Justices who share the values of IEA/NEA members and other mainstream Americans. Hillary Clinton is a change maker and a fighter. When the cause is justice, she does not give up!

Like every good teacher, Hillary Clinton is focused on making a difference. I hope you will join with IEA/NEA and make a difference by supporting Hillary Clinton in the Illinois March Presidential Primary.

Bob Haisman – At Large Member of the IEA-Retired Council ––, 708 997 1993 Colleagues – Please visit NEA’s Election Website — The website has much more about Hillary’s positions, the process by which NEA used to recommend her …. Sign-UP on line – – Questions? Call Bob Haisman – 708 997 1993 Colleagues — Would you consider helping us reach out to other IEA Members? Please contact: Bob Haisman – 708 997 1993

4 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Puzzles and games about the union Clinton endorsement.”

  1. From the outside I would say it was a more fear than love endorsement..a Pascals wager…if we go Bernie because henus better and the Clintons win there woukd be revenge like common core on steroids. So endorse and she loses well we patch things up with Bernie. Maybe I am enjoying all the Bush and Clinton conpiracies of Roger Stone ,Alex Jones and Drudge. The latest is the Kochs bringing the Romney back to life to stop the Donald….Sorry I cant resist the stuff and the Kochs are evil enough it may be true.

  2. I fell like that guy in the commercial (for Nationwide Insurance, I think, because the agent helps him right then & there, so he hugs him!)) where the guy goes to the bank & the teller closes at 5, & he has to wait on the phone to speak to a representative…and is still yelling “Representative!” at the end of the commercial.
    Yes, still waiting, Bob, to see the results of that survey several weeks ago, asking IEA & IEA-R members which candidate they were voting for?As I mentioned in comments on Fred’s last post, I would make an educated guess that the candidate with the most votes is NOT the same as the one early endorsed by the NEA (as we were allowed no input).
    Still waiting…
    (Oh, & BTW, her name is MarIAN Wright Edelman, not “Mary.” She and liberal author/husband Peter have been greatly invested in good works.
    {Unfortunately, their sons are like real-world Alex Keatons–you know Alex–the conservative, Republican-leaning son of liberal parents on the show Family Ties? Jonah Edelman, being a founder of Stand on Children, & coming to IL to foist SB 7 on we teachers–which, as you know, was supported by the IEA & the IFT, making their leaders culpable in putting the screws to their own members ? Another son, Joshua Edelman, is the charter school guy who helped close many public schools, & was deposed.
    You can Google them.)
    Still waiting…

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