Rauner adds his toadies to the TRS board.

Bruce Rauner


February 26, 2016

Governor Announces Appointments; Staff Hire

SPRINGFIELD ­ Governor Bruce Rauner announced he has made appointments to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board. 

Name: Tom Cross

Position: Chairman ­ Illinois Board of Higher EducationGovernor Bruce Rauner  has appointed former State Representative Tom Cross as the Chairman of theIllinois Board of Higher Education. Crosss experience as a state legislator and fiscal reformer will be an asset to the board. Cross served in the Illinois General Assembly for 22 years and was the House Republican Leader from 2002-2013. He is currently a distinguished fellow at Aurora University where he promotes innovation in STEM education programs and a senior consultant at Culloton Strategies. Cross is also an attorney and a former prosecutor in the Kendall County State¹s Attorney¹s office. Cross earned his bachelors degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and his law degree from Samford University. He lives in Oswego.

Name: Ann Deters

Position: Board Member ­ Illinois Teachers¹ Retirement System Board

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Ann Deters to the Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board. Deters¹ experience in business, finance and consulting makeher an ideal choice for the position. Deters is the founder and CEO of Vantage Outsourcing, a medical service company and was previously named in the Top 500 Fasting Growing Small Businesses in the U.S. She founded the company in 1997, which has grown to include a customer base of more than 175 accounts across the country. Deters is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and earned an MBA from Northwestern University. She lives in Effingham.

Name: Randall Winters

Position: Board Member ­ Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board

Governor Bruce Rauner has appointed Randall Winters to the Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board. He brings over 20 years of financing and advisory experience to the board.Winters served as a senior member of the Financial Sponsors Group of Deutsche Bank and its predecessor entities. Winters has extensive experience working closely with private equity funds in a variety of financing roles as well as fundraising. He also served as an associate in investment banking for The Chicago Corp and for Barclays. In addition to his work, Winters is chair of the Governance Committee for the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center and serves as their treasurer. He is also an advisor to the Rush Mini-Medical School program. Winters holds a bachelor¹s degree in accounting from Boston University and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago. He lives in Highland Park.

9 Replies to “Rauner adds his toadies to the TRS board.”

  1. I don’t mean to be confrontational, but on what basis did they earn the label “toadies”? I am not financially savvy enough to be able to draw that conclusion from the credentials provided. Obviously, I am not interested in board members who make risky investments with our retirement income and who are more interested in providing lucrative fees to fund managers. Any comment from financially savvy people who have knowledge of these individuals?

  2. Rauner’s $Billion+ came largely from investment commissions from managing pension funds, including TRS of Illinois, and many others. He has buddies in many of these investment firms. Rauner will be watching and expecting his appointees to be his proxies, and steer investment decisions accordingly.

  3. Do you remember Senate Bill 512 in May of 2011, the so-called “pension reform” bill or attempt to break a constitutional contract with public employees? Tom Cross was one of the original sponsors!

  4. Deutsche bank? And the holocaust? Wow. ok. I hate Hitler and I still have a lot issues with the country that elected him. Anyway DB is broke. Its the harbinger of the next bailout wave. It’s a very Rauner appointment I must say. Wake up though Democrats if he lets his friends loot TRS the IlSC won’t let you out of the obligations..

    So keep an eye on the fiscal hole the guy is digging even if you don’t care about education or the poor.

    1. One slight historical correction in part of the comment: (Hitler) “…with the country that elected him.” This is a popular myth in the history-challenged U.S.A. A sizable majority of Germans (67%) did not vote for the Nazis or Hitler in the last free (parliamentary) election in the fall of 1932. Hitler did not become the leader of Germany through the ballot box. Pressured by horrific domestic problems, government stalemate, and persuasion by conservative Finance Minister Franz von Papen, Paul von Hindenburg, the old and feeble president of the Weimar Republic, appointed Hitler to the chancellorship on January 30, 1933, though the Nazi Party was a long way from a majority in the parliament. Hitler’s appointment was the result of “a perfect storm.” Von Papen and his fellow conservative intriguers convinced Hindenburg that they could control Hitler as chancellor. Hitler had other ideas. It might be instructive to read the details of what happened in the following month and a half or so after Hitler’s appointment on January 30, 1933.

      The lessons from the Third Reich or Mussolini’s Italy may have some application for us since the voters in Illinois chose an authoritarian like Rauner as governor who, among other duties, makes appointments. Michigan’s voters also elected an authoritarian as governor and he appointed a lackey whose title was “emergency manager” to take complete charge of the city of Flint. Together, the authoritarian governor and his lackey managed to poison the entire city, including 9,000 of its children. Scott Walker, a third authoritarian governor also made appointments. Republicans are about to elect a presidential candidate under their banner who exhibits authoritarian character traits remarkably similar to Mussolini or to Hitler before he was appointed chancellor. Though not likely, some Republicans still predict a brokered convention in which case they may appoint one of the remaining contenders to be their standard bearer.

      I don’t know about you, but the situation in the State of Illinois and the country in general has already cost me sleep. That now includes the appointment of Randall Winters and Rauner’s other two lackeys. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Cross a member of ALEC? If so, why is that missing from his curriculum vitae? I’m surprised that Rauner didn’t appoint some ideological bimbo from the IPI like Tillman. Maybe, Rauner’s a tad smarter than anticipated. So what’s the lesson? Yes, elections have consequences; and they always lead to appointments which may have dire consequences.

  5. Reblogged this on twopowers1 and commented:
    Where is a bipartisan representation? Surely a Democrat could fulfill one of these seats. Pay attention to who represents our state educational system! Where are the representatives of the 99% (us)?

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