8 Replies to “The Trumpf voting base.”

  1. You have sort of a little business a blog now…oh its only you…..I have a little art business but oh its just me now but when we were big we employed many persons of color. We might be bigger again with Trumps trade policies…..but with Bernies too! Better yet I dont have to put up with racism with Bernie. VOTE BERNIE.
    Anyway I have thought Trump might beat Hillary but I am switching that because it looks like the GOP is going to destroy itself over Trump.What started on Drudge is in the NYT and Erikson said there will be third party so the GOP implodes though since they have been batshit crazy before Trump I real dont get it. Yesterday the crazy house GOP apprived a polar bear and elephant poaching bill …I mean a pro not anti to please the NRA with of course a few dems……I just hope the refugees of this GOP civil war dont show up at the dems door to make them more Rahmish.

  2. How can I put this….having lived in the shadow of the furher I can say Donald or Rauner are not Hitler. But Franco or Mussolini whom the Donald tweeted……well maybe.

  3. There is something in the air .. Let me give you just two
    examples of why he might win the whole thing.
    Ray is a fire hardened retired Chicago Fireman in his 70’s. He was also a CFD
    paramedic who did his duty on the West Side.For the last forty years he has not voted, or registered.
    Last week he went and registered so he could vote for Trump.
    Joe is a lifetime democrat who always voted.Yesterday he called the Township and asked
    how he can vote for Trump.
    I make no predictions, nor do I wish to interject my own personal ideas in a political debate.
    But I sense that change, or mutation,is very likely

    1. Kind of ironic. This situation is EXACTLY why the Electoral College was created in the first place. The founding fathers felt that the common man was not smart enough to make the choice for president, The idea was to elect a group of intelligent men to do the real voting and electing of a president FOR THEM! And people say the idea of the Electoral College is OUTDATED??!!?!?

      1. I don’t think the problem lies with the common man. It is more a problem when you have an all-white political party.

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